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Fashion Triangle Lined Drawings

Freedman, President, Kent Studios, New York Keep your T-squai and triangle clear so they will not soil your paper. It you wish to earn while you learn by working in an art studio, your first job may be that of errand boy. While many of the chores in a studio are disagreeable, the knowledge and experience which you gain as an errand boy will be useful throughout your career. You will learn how to handle drawings, the use and care of materials, the techniques and some of the tricks...

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Figure Drawing Lessons Movement

Spontaneous drawing is very important in fashion illustration. More and more fashion artists are presenting fashion figures as real people. The idea that fashion figures should look like show types or mannikins is being discarded. After you have roughly sketched your figure for proportions, using o continuous, spontaneous, sweeping line to exaggerate movement, you will find the movement of the figure is increased as you put in the accent lines to give detail to the garment. This will occur...

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Anatomy Children Drawing

In drawing tots and very small children, always try to capture their moods. They should always appear as little human beings whether they are sad, glad, pensive or just coquettish. Perhaps it is a tot licking his fingers after being in the jelly far. Whatever the subject, your drawings should picture little people in a gay world. This may seem difficult at first, but with close observation and much sketching, you will soon capture the spirit. In rendering facial expressions, it is wise to keep...

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Photo Retouching Frisket

For newspaper use, the retouching is bold and has contrast because a 55 or 60 screen will be used for reproduction. For magazine reproduction, the retouching is delicate and the tones are conservative. A 110 or 120 screen will be used for reproduction. Retoucher's palette, prepared with five vol ues between block and white. Your frisket knife should be sharpened on an oil stone. Retoucher's palette, prepared with five vol ues between block and white. This photograph also is to be retouched for...

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Men Fashion 70th

The three figures above were first sketched roughly to establish the approximate movement and direction. It is ofter the drawing of the figure is in a more finished stage that you can make the outer garment flow in the breeze by fust a few spontaneous lines in the direction you wish it to move. These drawings have a very airy, cool feeling. The back interest of the fashion illustration is likely to be rather dull. For that reason it usually is best to show some movement in hips or arms. In...

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Mode Tekenen Leren

Wash drawings, tike photographs, consist ol graded tones ol black. They have on advantage over a photograph because the artist may use his Own style and still produce a photographic effect whereas the camera is limited to the absolute tar simile of the subject. When making wash drawings for reproduction, it is bet' 'o use about two values of gray, with block and white, in order to produce the greatest contrast. You start in the usuol manner by making a careful guide drawing on tissue which is...

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Bag Fashion Drawings

The basic perspective principles have been applied here in sketching the shape and farm of the handbag. The woman's hai was added to show the relative size of the bag. The drawings on these pages show the proper approach in drawing and rendering simple accessories. In making accessory fashion drawings, apply the principles of perspective described in Lesson 8, particularly on pages 10 and J1. When wet wash is necessary in illustrating merchandise like this, it is best to render the drawing in...

Institute of Commercial

Austin Briggs

ALBERT DORNE FRED LUDEKENS NORMAN ROCKWELL AL PARKER BEN STAHL 5TEVAN DOHANOS JON WHITCOMB ROBERT FAWCETT PETER HELCK JOHN ATHERTON AUSTIN BRIGGS HAROLD VON SCHMIDT COPYRIGHT 1950. INSTITUTE OT COMMERCIAL ART, In Printed in U.S.A. in advertising art, the range of subject matter, techniques, reproduction mefhodi and publishing media are practically inexhaustible.

Commercial Art Its Purpose

Arthur Hawkins

As used in advertising, art is a selling device. Its primary function is to interpret with pictures what cannot be said with words alone, and the advertiser's decision to use your pictorial contribution to his advertising effort depends upon how well your art work accomplishes the following results 1 Excites interest in the product advertised. 2. Shows to its best advantage the product, either alone or in surroundings which enhance its function and beauty. 3 More clearly explains and dramatizes...