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Are You Looking For Effective Ways To Get Fit? Doing the same thing and not getting effective results is called insanity. You dont want to be labeled insane, do you? When you are exercising, you want to be able to see results. Since you are not, its time for some new strategies.

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Body Groove Workout

BodyGroove gives you original workouts and routines to help exercise your body the natural way; the way that it is meant to be used. Everyone's body is one of a kind, and this workout helps you to find the best sweet spot for your body to be used. This DVD program uses music in combination with powerful dance moves to move your body in an amazing and refreshing way. Think of this as the dance equivalence to organic food; healthy and all-natural! You never have to be bored with your workout again with this program. Why stick to routines that don't work? We have a much better solution for you! From high-energy grooves to slower moves, you are set to work out in the way that you like best! You can choose from your favorite style of dancing music; everything from hip-hop to disco is represented!

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Contents: Workout DVD
Creator: Misty Tripoli
Price: $37.00

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Highly Recommended

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I feel totally comfortable and confident in recommending Body Groove Workout knowing it can be so helpful if you fully apply what they share.

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Bodybuilding And Sculpting

Female Multiple Nipple Piercing

By the 1960s, perceptions of femininity were aligned to ideals of youth, and a fixation with the adolescent figure resulted in a very thin, androgynous physique often achieved by extremes of dieting. Dieting prevailed throughout the 1970s as the principal means of body modification, augmented by exercise regimes of jogging, tennis, and roller-skating, which gave way to aerobics, dancercise, and fitness classes in the 1980s. The lithe but shapely physiques of Jane Fonda and Cindy Crawford represented the sought-after ideal, which fashion augmented with shoulder pads and bulky box jackets that

Steven Stipelman

Ilustrador Jason Brooks

A feature of outerwear, expressing a new kind of female emancipation an overtly sexy look that was both a challenge and a threat. The gold, pointed-bra corset by Jean-Paul Gaultier worn onstage by Madonna on her late eighties tours exemplified this look. Skintight leotards and leggings also revealed the body as the aerobics craze got under way. Garments such as these, previously worn only by dancers and sportsmen, were closely followed by the unisex tracksuit and trainers. All entered the everyday wardrobe for good, with sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas claiming their own territory on the high street.

Leg Warmers

1970s Leg Warmers

During the 1970s a fitness craze swept the United States. Jogging and fast movement exercise classes called aerobics became popular leisure activities. Fashion followed the exercise trend, and it soon became fashionable to dress like an athlete, whether or not one actually participated in fitness activities. Specialty shoes, sweat clothes, leotards, and tights became fashionable for street wear, and over these it was popular for women to layer knitted leg warmers, tubes of fabric worn on the leg, reaching from knee or thigh to ankle.