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Tanya Ling Artist

Tanya Ling, Original illustration of Boudicca, Spring/Summer 2001 for Paper, December 2000. Mixed media on coloured paper. Artist's Collection.

Boudicca, a label launched in 1997, has become known for its conceptual approach to precision tailoring. This illustration was featured on the back cover of a booklet for Paper magazine called 'A Fashion Odyssey'.

Graham Rounthwaite Illustration

Graham Rounthwaite, Advertisement for Off-Centre, 2000. Adobe Photoshop. Artist's Collection.

Graham Rounthwaite, who studied graphics at Chelsea College of Art and Design, and illustration at the Royal College of Art, London, was art director on 77ie Face magazine from 1999 to 2003. Here he depicts street style in a flyer for a club in Shoreditch, East London.

Street Style Flyer

Graham Rounthwaite, Advertisement for Levi Jeans, 2000. Adobe Photoshop. Artist's Collection.

Rounthwaite's highly detailed illustration captures the essence of British youth culture.

Graham Rounthwaite IllistrationsFrancois Berthoud Watanabe

François Berthoud, Junya Watanabe, Visionaire, 'Touch' issue, October 2000. Courtesy Visionaire.

Concertina-folded paper dresses a skeleton in Berthoud's innovative illustration.

François Berthoud, Yohji Yamamoto, Visionaire, 'Touch' issue, October 2000. Courtesy Visionaire.

Fur collaged onto a figure expresses perfectly the theme of Visionaire's 'Touch' issue.

Berthoud Skeleton

Kareem lliya, Original illustration of Prada for Chicago Tribune, 2001. Artist's Collection.

An explosion of diffused colour highlights the simplicity of Prada's monochrome ensemble.

Julie OdeaJulie Verhoeven Dummies

Julie Verhoeven, 'Dummies' for Dazed & Confused, December 2001. Photos by Jenny von Sommers. Artist's Collection.

Julie Verhoeven's unique style lends itself to application in a variety of media. Fashion designer as well as illustrator, she launched her own range of garments for Gibo, featuring her drawings as textile designs, and has designed accessories for Louis Vuitton. Here she explores inventive ways of illustrating makeup in an issue devoted to '46 pages of anti-beauty'.

Von Dutch Drawings

Julie Verhoeven, 'Find the Fashion Logos!' for Dazed & Confused, The Annual, 2001. Artist's Collection.

A model in Fabio Piras is surrounded by an eclectic mix of animals, historical references and architectural vignettes, among which 28 logos are hidden. Verhoeven's whimsical, two-dimensional drawings have been used to create interactive wallpaper in collaboration with photographer Nick Knight's SHOWstudio.com.

Howard Tangye

Howard Tangye, Emma in Chloé, c.2001. Artist's Collection.

A vintage Chloé dress drawn by Howard Tangye, a passionate believer in the importance of life drawing combined with continuous practice. His illustrations are infused with a lyrical sensitivity.

Howard Tangye Emma Chloe

Chloé dress, British Vogue, April 1967. Courtesy The Condé Nost Publications Ltd/Photograph David Montgomery.

In 1967 Vogue highlighted the influence of Aubrey Beardsley's work by featuring the Chloé original (see opposite) printed with Beardsleyesque motifs. The V&A held an exhibition of his work in 1966.

Stella Mccartney 2002 Collection

David Remfry, Stella McCartney, 2002. Graphite and wash on paper. (Collection ot V&A Museum, Purchase 2004.) Courtesy the Artist.

Stella McCartney revitalized the House of Chlo6 when she was appointed creative director in 1997. Since launching her own label in 2001 in collaboration with the Gucci group, she has continued to design edgy, feminine clothes with a wide appeal.

M'SCfft/t-lS 2r

David Remfry, Stella McCartney, 2002. Graphite and wash on paper. (Collection of V&A Museum, Purchase 2004.) Courtesy the Artist.

David Remfry, a British artist who has exhibited extensively, was commissioned by McCartney to produce a series of drawings for her first advertising campaign and her campaign for Absolut Vodka. He captures her signature look of erotic cool, embodied by model Tatyana.

Erotic Linocut Print Contemporary

David Downton, Portrait of Anna Piaggi, 2001. Oil pastel, gouache and ink on Pantone paper and acetate overlay. Artist's Collection.

Downton's portrait of Anna Piaggi, drawn between Paris catwalk shows, captures the spirit and eccentric chic of the Italian fashion editor, the subject of an exhibition at the V&A in 2006.

Portrait Amanda Harlech David Downton

David Downton, Portrait of Amanda Hariech, Telegraph Magazine, July 2002. Ink, pastel and gouache on paper. Artist's Collection.

A former fashion editor at Harper's and Queen, Amanda, Lady Harlech, became Karl Lagerfeld's inspirational muse in 1997. Drawn by Downton in her suite at the Paris Ritz, she epitomizes the easy elegance perennially associated with the House of Chanel.

François Berthoud, Original illustration for Architectural Digest France, 2002. Linocut and monotype on paper. Courtesy Galerie Bartsch & Chariau, Munich.

Berthoud's image is reduced to a monumental minimum.

Erotic Linoprint

François Berthoud, Original illustration for Burberrys, 2003. Linocut and monotype on paper. Courtesy Galerie Bartsch & Chariau, Munich.

Burberrys continues to produce British classics. The coat is lined with the company's signature checked fabric.

Balmain Mask

zoltan* mili

ZOLTAN+, Balmain couture mask for DNA magazine, 2003. Artist's Collection.

The House of Balmain opened in 1945 and retains its position at the heart of prestigious couture.

House Balmain 1945

ZOLTAN+, Couture for Double magazine, 2003. Artist's Collection.

Zoltan's powerfully strident figure expresses the inspiration he took from the 2003 Paris collections.

Watanabe Delhomme

Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Original illustration ot Christian Lacroix for Madame Figaro, 2003. Artist's Collection.

Christian Lacroix at work in his atelier.

Illustration Christian Lacroix

Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Original illustration of Galliano catwalk show for Madame Figaro, 2003. Artist's Collection.

John Galliano's shows are known for their spectacular themes and settings.

Galliano Figaro Collage

Piet Paris, Shawl 1, 2003. Artist's Collection.

Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, Piet Paris is one of the best-known Dutch illustrators, working for many magazines, for De Telegraaf and for corporate clients.

Piet Paris

Piet Paris, Najaar, 2003. Artist's Collection.

Often using stencils and a paint roller, Paris reduces the figure and garments to a stylized minimum.

Jason Brooks Vogue Pelle Versace

Jason Brooks, Versace for Vogue pelle, 2003. Pen, ink and Adobe Photoshop. Artist's Collection.

Jason Brooks was one of the first fashion illustrators to explore the potential of computer graphics. Versace's psychedelic print minidress is idiomatic of the 1960s, but the computer-generated image, the styling and the accessories are unmistakably 21st century.

Jason Brooks Art

Jason Brooks, Chanel, 2004. Pen, ink and Adobe Photoshop. Artist's Collection.

A white minidress and boots by Chanel are accessorized with black stockings and a diamond necklace. Since 1983 the charismatic Karl Lagerfeld has been chief designer for the House of Chanel.

David Downton, Advertisement for TopShop's Atelier collection, September 2004. Dr Martin's ink and gouache on paper. Artist's Collection.

Frequently depicted by David Downton, model Erin O'Connor poses in TopShop's Atelier couture range. The store has consistently produced up-to-the-minute styles at high-street prices, as well as supporting young designers.

Fashion Illustration

David Downton, Original illustration of Christian Lacroix for V Magazine USA, July 2004. Gouache and ink on paper. Artist's Collection.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista wears Christian Lacroix. Downton's superb draughtsmanship never gets in the way of depicting the clothes in detail. This was done during a seven-hour sitting at the Hotel George V in Paris, with makeup artist, hairdresser and stylist in attendance - as Downton says, 'A total luxury: fashion illustration as it once was.'

Fashion Illustration Absolut Vodka

Liselotte Watkins, Martin Bergstrôm for Vive la Suède, Swedish online magazine, January 2004. Adobe Photoshop. Artist's Collection.

Liselotte Watkins represents a new generation of young Swedish illustrators. Her colourful work is filled with vibrant texture and pattern.

Illustrators Liselotte

Liselotte Watkins, Martin Bergström for Vive la Suède, Swedish online magazine, January 2004. Adobe Photoshop. Artist's Collection.

Bergström is a Swedish designer who produces handmade garments, mostly for private clients.

Gladys Perint Palmer, Dior for L'Officiel Russia, December 2004. Artist's Collection.

Galliano's Autumn/Winter collection 2004 for Dior was inspired by a trip to Vienna. Hungarian-born Perint Palmer here evokes the spirit of the Empress Elisabeth and the fin-de-siècle extravagance of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

Howard TangyePotter Palmer Art Collection

Grayson Perry, Christian Lacroix for Spoon, Summer 2005. Courtesy Spoon magazine.

Commissioned by Spoon magazine in July 2005 to report on the Paris collections, artist and potter Grayson Perry brought a new, uneasy aesthetic to his fashion illustrations. Here he produces work that reflects the horror of the London bombings.

Graham Rounthwaite Fashion Illustrations

Grayson Perry, Chanel for Spoon, Summer 2005. Courtesy Spoon magazine.

Juxtaposing couture with a police appeal for help in solving crime, Perry underlines the paradoxical relationship between fashion and issues of social anxiety.

Autumn Whitehurst, Accessories for the Telegraph Magazine, September 2005. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Artist's Collection.

A variety of accessories by Clements Ribeiro, Prada and Chanel are depicted in Whitehurst's whimsical, hyper-realistic style.

Adobe Illustrator Artist

Autumn Whitehurst, Accessories for the Telegraph Magazine, September 2005. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Artist's Collection.

Fur-lined boots by Gucci, rose corsage by Dries van Noten and a gold chain necklace by Marc Jacobs. Whitehurst's aim was to make the images 'look as though these girls raided some God-sent armoire full of accessories with which to fantasize in'.

Kareem lliya, Postcard for Saks Fifth Avenue, 2005. Artist's Collection.

Iliya's illustration is suffused with atmospheric colour.

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