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Such physiques moved beyond the traditional stereotypes of the female body and in feminist circles were received as avatars of a future body image. While the female mesomorph was rarely seen on fashion runways, she gained ground in film and television. Programs such as Xena Warrior Princess popularized the erotic appeal of muscular women and provided a role model for those striving for a similar body ideal.


Although America has long been obsessed with fashion and the personalities who shape it, the general populace was introduced to this latest magical mix of self-importance, unreasonable body image, and merciless ladder climbing through the popular book and follow-up movie, The Devil Wears Prada, which, not surprisingly, is referenced liberally in the Stylista press material. Although The Devil was about Vogue and its notorious editor in chief Anna Wintour, Elle has already proven itself a reality-TV go-to with the deliciously icy Nina Garcia, Elle's fashion director until April 2008, who has served as a regular judge on Top Model. With the show's prize including a paid, yearlong position at Elle, plus a paid lease on an apartment in Manhattan for a year and 100,000 clothing allowance from H&M, we have to wonder if the real trial will start when the cameras are finally turned off. Christina beua