Fluted suit of armour of the reign of Henry VII. . . .281 Female costume of the reign of

Henry VII 285

Mourning habits of the lGth century 288

Henry VIII., from his great seal 302

Suit of puffed and ribbed armour, temp. Henry VIII.. 304 Military costume, temp. Henry VIII. 306

General costume of the reigns of Edward VI. and Queen

Mary 315

Powder-flask of the reign of

Mary 317

Wheel-lock dag, wheel-lock pistol, and pocket wheel-lock pistol 318

Early costume of Queen Elizabeth . .' 320

Elizabeth, by Isaac Oliver . . 323 Elizabeth, by Zucchero. . . 325 Varieties of the French Hood'. 332 English lady of quality, 1577 ; English lady of quality, 1588 ;.. 333 French, German, and Burgun-dian costume of the 16th century 338

Venetian, Spanish, and French costume of the 16th century. 340 Costume of the reign of Elizabeth (about 1588) ... 343 Morions of the reign of Elizabeth ; the costume from the last of the series, temp. 1590 345 Fire-arms, musket-rest, and bandoliers, temp. Elizabeth 347

James 1 349

Henry, Prince of Wales . .355 Morion, bourginot, swine's feather, linstock, and butt of a pistol 356

Helmets or head-pieces of the tao|

time of Charles I. and Cromwell i

Gentlewoman, citizen's wife, and countrywoman . . • Sow English lady of quality, a.d.

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