Byzantine Fashions

Com Eiernev

An exotic blend of east and west, clothing styles in the Byzantine Empire were rich in color, fabric, and ornament. This carefully researched and scrupulously rendered coloring book by Tom Tierney features more than 80 Byzantine garments, as depicted in ancient mosaics and sculptures.

Clothing styles from all classes are represented—from simple 4th-century tunics worn by early Christian commoners and the body armor of 5th-century Roman warriors to a pallium decorated with crosses worn by a priest of the 10th century, and the finely brocaded robes of Emperor Constantine.

Here also are examples of royal wedding garb, heavily embroidered with jewels; a shepherd in a short tunic, long stockings, and leather boots; a court dancer wearing a brocaded silk gown with bell sleeves; as well as a lavishly attired court dignitary, a merchant, and a naval officer. Informative captions accompany each finely detailed illustration.

Original Dover (2001) publication. 45 black-and-white illustrations. 5 color illustrations on covers. Captions. 48pp. 8Xx 11. Paperbound.

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Front Cover: Emperor Constantine and his mother, Helena; page 4. Above, left: Eleventh-century Court Danccr, page 39. Above, right: Tenth-century Priest, page 34.


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