Professional Makeup For Beginners

Professional Makeup For Beginners

Make-Up for Beginners: Learn Doing Make-Up like a Pro is an online course created by Lana Vallo. It helps individuals do their makeups in a professional way such that they are durable, last for long and enhance beauty. It transforms you into an expert that other people will turn to for help over and over. Subscribing to this program guarantees you more beautiful than ever before. The course was designed following an increasing demand for brand-neutral, timely, and professional advice on the skill of makeup. Enrolling to the course does not require any special tool or requirements. Nonetheless, once you are done with the sessions you will require professional makeup brushes and other necessary tools including a complete makeup kit. It will also be necessary that you find a model for putting into practice all the strategies covered by the video tutorials, especially if you aspire to do makeups for other individuals. This is a fantastic program with thousands of positive reviews. It will significantly improve your skills and make you an expert in the makeup industry. Payment is processed via ClickBank and the product has a 60-day warranty. Read more...

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Get Style Wardrobe Hair Makeup and Props

Fashion Photography Props

Hen you think of fashion photography, you probably think of models in beautiful clothing with great hair and makeup. Styling is essential in a fashion image. You are in control of the styling of the wardrobe, hair, makeup, and props. The selection and styling of these elements help you communicate a specific theme or achieve a desired visual result. In a typical portrait session, a client shows up, poses, and gets her picture taken. To achieve a fashion flair, you must be aware of the different aspects of styling to create your picture. Before your client comes in, you should have already discussed wardrobe, hair, and makeup. You should have already decided upon the main goals and concept of the shoot and how styling different elements including props can help you achieve your visual goals.

Cosmetics Before 1900

1900 1910 Fifth Avenue Nyc

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, European women prepared simple cosmetics from recipes appearing in household manuals and cookbooks or passed on orally from generation to generation. In that period, cosmetics were as much science as art, a branch of self-help therapeutics that women were expected to master. Recipes in early household manuals called for roots, wild-flowers, and other plants to be mixed with water, beer, vinegar, and spices these produced remedies to clear the complexion, improve color, and remove signs of smallpox. The principles governing these mixtures were based on Galen's theory of the humors, in which the correspondence between internal and external organs, and the balance between hot, cold, dry, and moist qualities, was the key to health and beauty. In addition, belief in the power of nature's cycles and astrology found their way into beauty preparations, in recipes using May dew, the first juice of spring plants, and virgin milk. In addition to home...

Cosmetics Use and the Beauty Industry

Women Cosmetic Counters

Cosmetics use began to increase in the late nineteenth century, a consequence of several key developments. Embracing photography and the theater, Americans became newly oriented to visual culture and social performances. In retailing, innovative department stores used mirrors, plate glass, and the latest fashions to encourage women to engage in self-scrutiny and display. Many cosmetics businesses began as manufacturers of perfume, soap, and patent medicines and initially went into beauty aids as a sideline. Ponds, one of the leading sellers of skin-care products, started out making patent medicines in an early instance of market research, it discovered a demand for skin-care products in the 1890s. By 1910, Ponds's advertising promoted cleansing cream at night and vanishing cream by day as a regular beauty treatment for women. metics and facial techniques. Emphasizing cleanliness, grooming, and skin care, they also sold tinted face powders, whitening creams, rouge, and lip pomades....

Politics of Cosmetics

By the mid-1960s, the counterculture and a nascent feminist movement attacked these trends in advertising, the commercialization of beauty, and women's sexual objec-tification in the media. Embracing a natural look, some women gave up makeup entirely, while others began to compound their own creams and lotions using herbs, berries, and other organic ingredients. Major cosmetics firms were slow to respond to this challenge. Estee Lauder introduced Clinique in 1968, emphasizing a scientific and hygienic appeal. A number of cosmetics lines appeared that contained natural ingredients and were not tested on animals these often sold in food coops or other alternative outlets. The Body Shop, founded by Anita Roddick, became highly successful marketing to women sensitive to the environment and influenced by the counterculture. In the 1960s and 1970s, women of color also protested the narrow images of beauty that appeared in fashion magazines and limited cosmetics lines available to them....

Fashion Fair Cosmetics

Fashion Fair Cosmetics is one of the leading companies that focuses on cosmetics for women of color. Its products are sold in stores in the United States, the Carribean, Africa, and Europe. The company offers over 350 products specially formulated for black skin. Fashion Fair Cosmetics is a division of Johnson Publishing Company, the largest black-owned publishing company in the world. John H. Johnson started the publishing company in 1942 with a 500 loan against his mother's furniture. The success of the company's first publication, Negro In 1958 Johnson's wife, Eunice, began Fashion Fair, the world's largest traveling fashion show. The show, an outgrowth of Ebony magazine, has raised millions of dollars for charity. The models featured in the fashion show found it difficult to find shades of makeup that matched their skin tones. Unlike whites, who have only ten complexion colors, blacks have as many as thirty-six variations of skin tone. At that time, few cosmetics companies offered...


Greek women embraced the use of makeup to enhance their beauty. Evidence of how females made up their faces can be found in such different places as on palace frescos, paintings directly on the wall, from Knossos, the royal city on the ancient Greek island of Crete, dating back to 1500 b.c.e. and in the descriptive poems written during the Greek Classical Period from 500 to 336 b.c.e. Although the practice was limited to women of wealth and influence, probably because of the cost, makeup was an important part of fashion in ancient Greece. Women then applied brightly colored lipstick and rouge, or reddish powder, made from a variety of materials such as seaweed, flowers, or crushed mulberries. Dark eye shadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow coloring was made from soot. Greeks used their makeup boldly, drawing red circles or other designs with rouge on their cheeks and accenting their eyebrows and eyes with dark outlines and sweeping lines. makeup they tried to protect themselves from the heat...

Building Your Creative Team

In most cases, creating fashion photography is a group effort. When I am working on a fashion flair portrait, I usually work with a minimum of three other people the one doing hair and makeup (one person), the client model, and a photo assistant. Other times I have worked with more than a dozen people on my creative team It is not necessary to have a big team, but you will be better able to focus on your job (making amazing photos ) if someone else is concentrating on hair and makeup and your assistant is focused on lighting or clothing. In the beginning of my career, I did everything myself. The images were good, but the shoots were a lot more stressful and generally ran less smoothly. Specialization is the way to go. I now focus on the subject's expressions and posing and leave the rest to someone else.

Greek Body Decorations

To complement their elaborately wrapped garments and carefully styled hair, Greek women adorned themselves with rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair ornaments made of precious metals and decorated with gemstones. Women also used white lead or chalk to hide imperfections on their faces, brushed rouge, or a reddish powder, on their cheeks, and outlined their eyes with eye paint. Men did not wear makeup but wore rings and used decorative fibulae (pins) to clasp their cloaks and chitons (tunics).

Visualize Your Concepts

Driving Model Car

If you have a creative team, they will be able to come to you with ideas for hair, makeup, and clothing. If not, now is time for more research. Go online to find the appropriate styling necessary. How do you want the bride-to-be to style her hair What should the groom-to-be wear Figure 1.6 was part of a bridal fashion shoot, done before the day of the wedding. Together we created a 1950's fantasy setting using vintage styling and a vintage car as a prop. I took a number of shots of her driving the car, fixing her makeup in the mirror, and playing the role of this 1950's bride. The hair, makeup, styling, and props reinforced this theme to convey the story. Can the client do the hair and makeup herself, or do you need to hire someone

Model Mayhem and Other Social Networks

Model Mayhem is a social network for photographers, models, hair stylists, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, and other industry professionals. As a photographer, you can create a profile of your best work and include your contact information and a brief bio or artist statement. Model Mayhem is a social networking site for fashion creatives, including photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists. Model Mayhem is a social networking site for fashion creatives, including photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists. In short, you can use Model Mayhem to find hair stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe stylists in your area who might be interested in collaborating on your fashion flair (or other fashion photography) shoots. Model Mayhem allows you to post casting calls, as seen in Figure 3.3. Basically, you are creating an online Model Mayhem ad where you indicate the date of the shoot, the type of person you are looking for (hair, makeup,...

The twentiethcentury fashion explosion

Throughout the twentieth century, fashion relentlessly evolved and influenced society and several luxury fashion designers whose brands remain in existence emerged during this period. The fashion product categories were also expanded to include accessories and cosmetics, encouraged by the craving for fashion change as a result of the end of the Victorian era with the death of Queen Victoria of England in 1901. The early twentieth century also witnessed an explosive growth of the beauty and cosmetics sector. After the World Fair held in Paris in 1900, Fran ois Coty launched his cosmetics company in Paris, known today as Coty Inc. Elizabeth Arden opened a decade later in America in 1910. They both pioneered the modern make-up and cosmetics industry. One year later, in 1911, Paul Poiret launched the first branded perfume, Rosine, which marked the birth of the luxury fragrance sector. Other designers, like Chanel, followed with the launching of Chanel No. 5 perfume in 1922 and the 'La...

Egyptian Body Decorations

Egyptian Queen Headdress

Egyptians used different kinds of makeup to paint their faces and bodies. Kohl, a black pigment, was the best-known form of makeup, and it was used by people of all classes to outline the eyes. Both women and men paid special attention to their eyes and used eye makeup to protect themselves from evil and to honor the goddess Hathor, the mother of the world. Eyes were typically made up with black kohl or green malachite powder, made from a mineral found in nearby mountains. Egyptians also used red makeup for their lips and rouge, or a reddish powder, for the cheeks. Evidence of many other forms of makeup has been found in tombs and depicted in hieroglyphs, the picture language that reveals so much about Egyptian history. It appears that Egyptians may have used wrinkle treatments and painted their nails as well.

Product merchandizing design

Champs Elysees Shop Facade

Additional merchandizing techniques include 'Product Zoning', which involves the placement of complementary products side by side and 'Traffic Generation', which features the positioning of high-demand products towards the centre or rear of the store thereby obliging customers to walk through the store to reach them. For example, leather goods such as bags and shoes are logically placed close to apparel, which are positioned close to other accessories such as belts and scarves. Jewellery and timepieces go together while cosmetics and fragrances complement one another. Eyewear and other high touch-based products are often grouped together. Other merchandizing techniques include 'Product Hot-Spots', which display new products or interactive products like fragrances, cosmetics and promotional goods. These products are usually presented in groups or categories as well as in rankings of importance, demand, relationship or interaction.

The Etruscan and Roman fashion influence 800 bc to ad 476

This society was unique and maintained an independence from Greek and Asian cultural influences in its political, government and social development. The empire was rich in gold and its society portrayed luxury and beauty through the use of gold. Etruscan aristocratic women flaunted their status with heavy jewellery and somewhat introduced the modern bling-bling fashion style currently prominent in the United States. Make-up and cosmetics also played a key role in the fashion of this period. cosmetics and grooming products were also important in Roman society and were directly linked to well-being. Although women's freedom and privileges were limited to attending to the needs of their husbands and children, they also played a key role in defining the style of the day through their clothes, make-up and jewellery.

Who is the luxury fashion consumer

The current luxury consumer is highly sophisticated and brand literate. They are fashionable and aware of their tastes and preferences. Their choices of luxury products are based more on an understanding of their own style needs and less on the 'brand-name' factor. They also have an attitude that is a personification of youth, assertion and adventure, irrespective of their age. This attitude is reflected in the fact that today's parents and their children dress alike. Also older consumers can now look years younger through advanced cosmetics, giving them the freedom to appear like youths. The consumer market has consequently become loosened and diluted. For example, consumers of all ages including those in their forties, fifties and sixties, can be found at the payment queue for roller blades at Decathlon in Paris. Also the fitness and well-being craze now means that grandmothers, mothers and daughters can be found wearing the same clothes and accessories, and shopping in the same...

Method 4 producing bespoke goods

French luxury cosmetics and fragrance brand Guerlain has been creating exclusive bespoke fragrances for more than two centuries and continues to do so at the Maison Guerlain on Paris' Avenue des Champs Elys es. The process of creating personalized fragrance involves close collaboration with the client to identify their personality, scent preferences and scent memories. This information is used to create the final product, packaged and presented in a Baccarat bottle. The process takes approximately three months and costs an average of 15,000. Needless to say, it is out of the reach of numerous luxury consumers. Guerlain also provides its fragrance made-to-order services to the masses through its mass customization service called the 'Speed Perfumery ' service. In this case, customers choose customized perfumes from six already made scents, which are packaged for them. This is a typical example of the stage of bespoke product provision at most luxury brands.

From Rome to the Byzantine Empire and the Middle Ages ad 4501500

On the other hand, better and meticulous personal hygiene emerged and more attention was paid to personal grooming. Sophisticated toilet and bathroom systems were built and the adoption of the bathing tradition of the Roman era was widespread. Public baths became available in most parts of Europe almost round the clock. The use of cosmetics and make-up also became important especially for women who had a strict code of honour but at the same time were expected to look beautiful for men's admiration. The English invented eye shadow in the 13th century and with it the fad for makeup. The mirror also emerged as an important accessory for both men and women.

The celebrity connection

Contemporary Luxury Brand Endorsement

First of all, who are celebrities Celebrities are people that exert significant influence in several facets of the society ranging from arts, music, movies and television, sports, culture, education, politics, government and also religion. They range from film and television stars to musicians, sports personalities, scientists, engineers, royals, politicians and also socialites who have no defined careers apart from looking beautiful and attending the right events. In the fashion world, this list of celebrities would include designers, their muses, models, photographers, image consultants, style advisers and any famous person involved in the artistic aspects of fashion such as makeup artists, fashion consultants and also fashion experts like Mark Tungate whose book Fashion Brands Branding Style from Armani to Zara, was published in 2005. The celebrities most utilized in the promotion of luxury fashion brands, however, are those in the film and music industry as a result of their high...

Know the Rules of Fashion Editorials

Fashion Shoot Cellophane

Your editorial should have a consistent theme throughout, although it can be anything you imagine. The theme can be girls with big hair in bright colored dresses or a beauty editorial (primarily close-ups) based on using only red and white makeup colors. If you can imagine it, you can do it. Remember that many publications work on a theme for each issue. Research these themes to make your editorial more appealing. In Figure 14.4, the theme of the publication was ice, so I came up with a beauty editorial themed around Ice Queen. When shooting a fashion editorial, you are typically expected to have five or six different looks. This can be change of clothing, change of hair or makeup, or any distinct look change. Do your research on a publication to see the types of clothing (brands, styles) that are usually featured in the magazine. Larger publications typically want their biggest advertisers represented, whereas most small publications don't care about the brand of clothing as long as...

Yves Saint Laurent Yves Mathieu SaintLaurent

Yves Saint Laurent Trouser Suit 1960

Saint Laurent himself capitalized on the success of the Ballet Russes collection by launching the perfume Opium in 1977, which immediately achieved high sales. His 1977 Chinese collection had qualities that were similar to the Ballet Russes collection, but it did not achieve equal acclaim. In 1978 he introduced a cosmetics line, and the dramatic No. 19 purple lipstick became the line's most popular product.

Halston Roy Halston Frowick

Roy Halston Frowick

Halston's name graced a wide variety of goods spanning disparate price points. The goods ranged from ultrasuede luggage by Hartmann to scarves by Daniel La Foret. For example, the company signed licensing agreements for cosmetics and the men's fragrances 1-12 and Z-14. The Halston name appeared on loungewear, sportswear, beachwear, menswear, sleepwear, and underwear. Halston's life was cut short he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1988, and he passed away two years later. In 1990 Revlon closed Halston Enterprises, Inc. Halston International, which owned the Halston trademark for all products except cosmetics and fragrances, remained. In 1997 the company relaunched the brand with Halston Lifestyle, a moderate line. By 1999 while Halston Lifestyle was being phased out, three additional lines were added Halston was a bridge line, Halston Designer offered less expensive designer clothes, and Halston Signature featured the most expensive garments. Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth...

Case illustration 3 the effect of licensing on Pierre Cardins brand equity

More than 200,000 people in over 100 countries. It incorporates diversified fields ranging from fashion and accessories, to cosmetics, fragrance, jewellery and timepieces, restaurants, hotels and museums. Other product divisions include champagne, wines and spirits, sweets and chocolates and other consumer goods such as confectionaries and canned food.

Zoran Ladicorbic Zoran

From year to year, his collections vary little and are based primarily on five to seven pieces in five to seven colors. His philosophy is clear minimal silhouettes in opulent fabrics yield the most comfort and elegance. In his ready-to-wear business, which opened in New York in 1976, he has remained true to his fashion philosophy simplicity is everything. Zoran has never courted department store buyers or staged lavish fashion shows. He has avoided putting his name on cosmetics, sunglasses, and fragrances. Yet, women who believe that spare is more refined than splash wear it and want it, even more as the years go by.

Nonstore Retail Channels

Television home-shopping retailers use a program to promote and demonstrate their merchandise and process transaction over the telephone or Internet or through the mail. The two biggest home shopping retailers are QVC ( Quality, Value, Convenience ) and HSN (Home Shopping Network). The best-selling merchandise of TV home shopping is inexpensive jewelry. Other categories include apparel, cosmetics, and exercise equipment.

Early civilization fashion 3200 bc to 80 bc

The visual representation of fashion was a key aspect of early Egyptian society, and men and women both wore jewellery, and made-to-measure attires, mostly in linen. The colours and styles of jewellery were specifically selected to complement each type of clothing similar to the fashion pairings of today. Personal hygiene was also important in this society shown through a highly developed cosmetics sector. Men and women used make-up, notably on their eyes. Their product assortments also included pomades and moisturizers with ingredients ranging from honey, salt and milk. Perfumes and oils were used on skin and local tree formulas for tooth hygiene. The women also used strict beauty procedures and treatments like massages to stay slim and fresh. It can be concluded that members of this society were almost obsessed with perfecting their bodies, and may be compared to the fitness and well-being consciousness of our current society.

Effect 5 accessible luxury

Another important effect of the changing luxury scene is the increased accessibility of luxury fashion. Luxury fashion goods are now available to more consumers as a result of two major factors. First, the luxury consumer market has expanded and there are more people that can afford luxury goods, all over the world. Secondly, the product portfolio of luxury brands has undergone a modification as several products that previously had the 'exclusivity' attribute have been diffused to include lower-priced versions. Also, luxury brands have extended their product ranges to include lower-priced items like cosmetics, fragrance, eyewear and other accessories. These goods are designed to act as the brand's introductory points for new consumers and the retentive points for old consumers. Perfumes in particular play an important role in consumer relationship with the brand. It is considered the easiest point-of-entry product into the luxury market and has the fastest growth rate. It also...

Nineteenth Century Journalism and the Caricature

Spanish Traditional Dress

Including journals who now took the caricature as their very subject in France La caricature (1830-1835) and its successor Le charivari (1832-1842) were run by Charles Philipon. Technical developments in lithographic, steel engraving, and wood-block reproductions meant that the caricature proliferated within these formats and ceased to be sold primarily within folio sets. When from 1835 political censorship was introduced in France, the caricature of Parisian manners became the screen through which other events might be filtered. Social, economic, and technological developments had major impacts upon fashion and there is no social topic in which the caricature did not participate. These included, but were not restricted to, male dandyism the rise of the demimonde or courtesan class sweatshops and the production of clothing shopping and the department store makeup and artifice swells or dandies middle-class hypocrisy and propriety immodesty and the ball gown women's participation in...

What Was The Impact Of Emergence Of Women Right Activists On Womensware During That Period

As technology was changing the everyday lives of Americans, the demographic composition of America was also being transformed. An influx of immigrants from Europe came to America in hopes of taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the numerous factories. Over 50 million Eastern and Western Europeans migrated to the United States during the nineteenth century, radically altering the makeup of the population. While some immigrants retained their cultural dress and customs, others adopted fashionable dress in an effort to seem more American. For these newcomers America was the land of opportunity. With hard work, more and more lower-class immigrants and their families acquired the comforts of middle-class life. These changes in women's roles were personified in the image of the flapper a brazen, young woman with a boyish silhouette, bobbed hair, short skirt, exposed arms, turned-down stockings, and makeup. Clearly she was not the caretaker of home and family as was her mother....

Pamela Church Gibson Ceremonial And Festival Costumes

From everyday, which spotlight an important personal or cultural happening. Ritual helps to give meaning to the world in part by linking the past to the present and the present to the future. Ritual works through the senses to structure our perception of reality and the world around us it is often when a society's deepest values emerge in the form of activity, objects, and dress. Ceremonies often combine religious belief with social and political concerns. Although rituals tend to evolve very slowly, cultures do change over time, and possible disjunctures may develop between a ceremony and the attitudes of the society, resulting in the modification or even elimination of the ceremony. The costumes worn at these times are frequently special to the occasion and dramatically symbolic they can reflect historical or cultural preferences that are no longer in vogue. Different stages or events characterize some celebrations, requiring many changes of costume or dress. Dress is an inclusive...

Bridal Fashion Shoots

Fashion Photography Makeup Extravagant

I took Figure 13.3 in the studio after the wedding day. This bridal fashion shoot allowed me to use a more couture headpiece and create a stunning bridal portrait of the subject. I was able to create different hair, makeup, and styling than the bride had on her actual wedding day. With every wedding I photograph, I offer the bride and groom a free wedding fashion session either before or after the wedding. This session is often 3 to 5 hours long, and we turn it into a fashion event. We usually pick three locations to photograph and take our time at each location. On the bridal fashion shoot day, I have one or two photography assistants to handle lighting, reflectors, and equipment, as well as a person for hair and makeup. The bride gets her hair and makeup professionally done before the shoot (usually at my studio or at the local salon), and then I have the hair makeup person onsite for touch-ups. Figure 13.4 is another sample of a bridal fashion session. Without the pressure of time...

Fashion Flair Session

Conceptual Fashion Photography

Fashion flair sessions can be as basic or elaborate as you want. They can include hair, makeup, and wardrobe. They can include a morning at the spa followed by a trip to the salon. Or they can just include a concept consultation to make the most of your shoot. Figure 13.1 was a fashion flair portrait for a local artist. She needed a way to display her installation artwork (shown on the wall) and to integrate that artwork in a portrait of herself. Together we created this image. This portrait session did not include elaborate hair, makeup, or wardrobe. She created wings as props for herself, and we focused more upon concept and communication. Some subjects do want pampering, though, so consider offering an ultimate package that really pampers your client. These types of sessions make for great gifts and become an experience. If you create a package that includes a spa facial, then makeup and hair at a salon and clothing from a boutique, you have not just created a portrait package. You...

Fashion Eyewear 1960s to the Early 2000s

19th Century Designer Gowns

The fashion designers Elsa Schiaparelli and Claire McCardell, among others, had designed some eyewear lines as early as the 1950s, but the first high-profile line of designer eyeglasses was launched in 1969 by Christian Dior. The trend toward designer frames continued in the 1970s, with designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Diane von Furstenberg, and Halston joining the field. The decade's signature look was oversized frames with rounded corners, in semitransparent pastels or faux tor-toiseshell, with tinted or gradient lenses in colors to coordinate with the wearer's eye makeup. Bolder styles, often with shiny gold accents and curved or wavy temples, were balanced by the high-volume, blow-dried hairstyles of the time, and were well-suited to the glitz of disco fashions. Woman in carnival costume and makeup. Carnivals have been

Bibliographies On Body Decoration

Kayapo Body Adornment

COSMETICS, NON-WESTERN The earliest evidence of the role of cosmetics in human society was found in the remains of artifacts used for eye makeup in Egypt of the fourth millennium b.c.e. Anthropological research also shows that there are several ways used by humans to transform the physical and social appearance of their bodies into cultural manifestations. People use their bodies and faces as objects of aesthetic elaboration or as a medium through which they can project themselves in religious and social life. We can thus identify two distinct, though related, senses of the term non-Western cosmetic. The first pertains to personal taste and is con- See also Cosmetics, Western. BIBLIOGRAPHY COSMETICS, WESTERN In the twenty-first century, cosmetics include a full range of products to protect the skin and improve appearance, from moisturizers to makeup, manufactured by a multibillion-dollar, global cosmetics industry. Before the twentieth century, however, cosmetics were understood...

From Egypt to Crete and Greece 700 bc to 1150 bc

Appearance and grooming were important aspects of this society and the beauty sector was also well-developed. As early as the 4th century bc, makeup and cosmetics ranging from eye colours to foundation and lipstick were widely used by women. Also, make-up application techniques like the circular fingertips movement on the face, used by today's dermatologists, were introduced in this period. Moisturizers made from local ingredients were also used by day and masks were applied by night. Perfumes were also fabricated using the best scents and oils such as violet and myrrh. Each type of fragrance had a symbolic representation and was only applied to the appropriate and specific part of the body. Also, there was a special method for body-hair removal and hairstyles, especially for women, were also given great attention. Both men and women used massages and other therapeutic means for well-being and the men also exercised to stay in shape. These examples show that the society appreciated...

Roman Body Decorations

Rome Jewelry

L oman attitudes toward the grooming and decoration of their bodies changed dramatically over the course of the long history of their civilization. From the serious and simple habits of the eighth-century-b.c.e. founders of the city of Rome, Romans became increasingly concerned with bathing, jewelry, and makeup. By the time of the Roman Empire (27 b.c.e.-476 c.e.), bathing had become an elaborate public ritual, wealthy Romans imported precious jewels from throughout their vast empire, and women wore complicated cosmetics. For men daily bathing was the primary form of body care, and they used few ornaments to decorate themselves, other than perhaps a signet ring, often a gold ring with a decorative stone at its center. Roman women, however, developed a great love of makeup and jewelry. Following their baths, women might use a variety of different forms of skin cream, perfumed oils, and makeup. Their makeup was made from foul-smelling ingredients such as

Africa Subsaharan History Of Dress

How Sew Boubou Dress

African dress, like dress everywhere, communicates age, gender, occupation, ethnicity, power, and religious commitment for everyday, celebratory, ceremonial, and ritual occasions. Along with fashionable Western dress, Africans wear Islamic and indigenous apparel. Dress involves totally or partially covering the body by supplementing it with apparel and accessories such as head wraps and jewelry and modifying the body itself with tattoos or piercing. Dressing well for Africans involves proper conduct and elegant style, which includes appropriate apparel, cosmetics, and coiffure along with magnificent carriage, graceful movement, fastidious toilette, and immaculate garments. Many types of body modifications and jewelry also dress the torso. Tattooing occurs among light-skinned people, like the North African Berbers, because tattoos do not show on dark skin. Instead, permanent markings in the form of scarification and cicatrization or temporary cosmetics (ochre, kaolin, indigo, henna,...

Gambar Punk Piercingan

Poland Culture Clothing

W eople adorned their bodies in widely varying ways in the 1960s and 1970s. The popularity of modern styles at the beginning of the 1960s brought huge plastic flower ornaments, heavy makeup, especially around the eyes, and false eyelashes for women. Men accepted jewelry as part of their wardrobe, starting with the love beads hung around their necks in the 1960s and ending the period with multiple chains of gold adorning their necks and chests, bracelets around their wrists, and rings on their fingers. Punks also blazed their own trails in the area of hair, makeup, and jewelry. When not spiking hair, they were coloring it in a variety of bright hues. Or they shaved part or all of their heads, creating mohawks. Makeup was used to blacken eyelids and lips. Finally, the most dedicated punks pierced their cheeks, noses, and eyelids, often with safety pins. painted themselves with black eye makeup, fingernail polish, and lipstick.

Sixteenth Century Body Decorations

16th Century Clothing For Poor People

The personal grooming habits of people in the sixteenth century seem strange to us today. On the one hand, wealthy people took great care with their hairstyles and, in the case of women, with their makeup. On the other hand, the practice of bathing was infrequent among even the wealthiest people and quite rare among the poorer classes. Europeans in the sixteenth century simply misunderstood the nature of disease and believed that they could get sick if they used water to clean themselves. Other than this odd belief, Europeans from this period took great care with their appearance and with the accessories that they chose. The use of makeup was widespread among wealthier women in the kingdoms of Europe. The most common form of makeup was white pancake makeup applied to the face, with bright red rouge used to color the lips and the cheeks. As fashion historian Ruth M. Green noted in the introduction to Costume and Fashion in Colour, 1550 1760, by Jack Cassin-Scott, the contrast of these...

Eighteenth Century Body Decorations

Eighteenthcentury Costume

Lany of the body decorations and accessories of the seventeenth century continued into the eighteenth century. Women and some men made their faces pale with white makeup made from lead powder, a corrosive substance that led to health problems for many and death for some. Red cheeks were also quite fashionable. Wealthy people used rouge made of crushed red beetles, called cochineals, on their cheeks. Others dabbed berry juice on their cheeks. In addition, women and some men continued to paste fabric patches on their faces to cover their smallpox scars. Masks also continued to be worn throughout the century. Fancy masks were worn to conceal the identity of the wearer at parties or at the theater green silk masks protected women's skin from the burning rays of the sun during the summer and black masks kept women's faces warm in the winter.

Indian Body Decorations

Indians use colors and patterns of makeup for various purposes. Married women signal their marital status by dyeing the center parting of their hair red. Mothers protect their babies from evil spirits by tracing their babies' eyes in black makeup and adding black decorations to their face. The color black is thought to repel harm from the delicate openings on the face. The many religious groups in India use makeup for religious purposes as well. Followers of several different religions indicate their religious devotions by wearing certain colors and patterns on their foreheads. For their wedding day, Hindu Indian women lighten their skin with rice powder, paint their face with red and black patterns, and redden the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet with henna, a reddish powder or paste made from the dried leaves of the henna bush.

Colonialism And Imperialism The term

Colonial powers have tended in recent centuries to be developed countries with strong agricultural and manufacturing economies and powerful urban centers. Their populations, and especially individuals directly involved in the colonial enterprise, have often regarded colonized indigenous peoples as backward, both culturally and so-cioeconomically. Appearance was a strongly contested area in the relations between colonizers and colonized. Indigenous people in many colonized societies adorned their bodies with cosmetics, tattooing, or scarification, wore feathers and other forms of ornament, and habitually went naked or dressed in animal skins or other non-woven materials. When they did wear woven cloth, it was often in the form of clothing that was draped, wrapped, or folded rather than cut, stitched, and shaped to the contours of the body. Dress and textiles conveyed information about gender and rank in terms different from those familar to the colonizers. Such vastly different dress...

Fashion And Accessories Mail

There are an estimated 400 makers engaged in cosmetics packaging and bottling. Private locally owned companies constitute the majority of the supplier base. The rest are publicly listed or have foreign participation. They are generally larger and better established. Bottles and jars for color cosmetics and skin care products usually have a capacity not exceeding 200mL. The bottles typically contain lotion, serum, essential oil, perfume, lip gloss, mascara or nail polish. The jars are for cream and loose powder. Top retailers in Japan, the US and Europe look to us for manicure and pedicure sets, grooming kits and makeup accessories. In fact, we've been filling their orders for nearly two decades. We offer you a selection of more than 200 items.Our R&D team develops up to 15 new sets every month. And we provide quick customization services - samples are ready in just two days. Over 6,000 FDA-compliant cosmetics products Established in 1989, we manufacture cosmetics and cosmetic...

Sunless Tanning Lotion

However, tanned skin still remained in fashion. Manufacturers responded to people's health concerns about tanning in the sun by developing and improving their sunless tanning products. By the end of the 1980s almost every major suncare and cosmetics manufacturer had produced a sunless tanning lotion. Sunless tanning remained popular, and by 2003 a sunless tanning pill was in development, which promised to chemically reproduce the look of a suntan.

Body Decorations 193045

Dramatic Eyelashes With Decorations

One trend for excess continued during these lean years, however. The fashion for wearing heavy makeup started during the 1920s lasted well into the next decades. Women blushed their cheeks with rouge, darkened their lips with a variety of lipsticks, and lengthened and thickened their eyelashes with mascara. According to Jane Mulvagh in Vogue History of 20th Century Fashion, in 1931 Vogue magazine reported that we are all painted ladies today, adding Now we feel undressed unless we have the right shade of face powder, and if we lose our lipstick, we lose our strongest moral support. The rationing, or limiting, of luxuries during World War II highlighted the importance of makeup. Mulvagh noted that the British government tried to ban cosmetics at the outbreak of war, but fortunately withdrew this ruling. Lipstick and rouge, she pointed out, were the last unrationed, if scarce, indulgences of feminine expression during austerity seriousness , and were vital for morale. amed after the...

Skin Colors Or Flesh Tones

Flesh Light

Above is an example of my deliberate abandonment of any warm flesh tints. The addicted girl is raised from the mire As a student I was once given white, payne's grey, raw umber and burnt sienna and told to paint a cup and saucer on a white table cloth. Since then flesh colors became less of a problem. Anyone familiar with makeup (scumbling for artists) should have no problems.

Body Decorations 194660

African American Women 1919

W roper accessories, makeup, and undergarments were an extremely important part ofwomen's fashion in the late 1940s through the 1950s. The major fashion trends of the late 1940s, inspired by the New Look fashions of designer Christian Dior (1905-1957), called for a carefully assembled outfit that included such accessories as white gloves and umbrellas to accompany carefully chosen shoes, hat, and dress. The New Look called for tasteful but understated jewelry. One of the most important accessories was the handbag, or purse. Most women would not go out without a handbag. According to a New York Times article from 1945 A woman without her handbag feels as lost as a wanderer in the desert. There were other items that a well-dressed woman considered indispensable. Makeup, for example, was very important to the well-put-together ensemble. Numerous manufacturers offered makeup to women, and makeup advertising accounted for 11 percent of all advertising by 1950. Nail polish on the toenails...

Trends and Developments

Postmodernism Paintings Laurie Anderson

See also Actors and Actresses, Impact on Fashion Art and Fashion Ballet Costume Theatrical Makeup. THEATRICAL MAKEUP Thousands of years ago, people in many parts of the world discovered that powdered pigments mixed into a base of wax or grease could be used to create striking effects of personal adornment and transformation. The survival of that practice is reflected in a common term for theatrical makeup, greasepaint. Select types or styles of makeup were often used for special occasions, which could include going to war, celebrating stages of life, and religious festivals. The latter often included performative aspects, such as dance and re-enactments of mythical events. Modern theatrical makeup therefore is heir to a very ancient performance tradition. Some ancient theatrical traditions have relied on masks for the creation of visual characters others have relied on makeup for the same purpose. In Asia, for example, one can point to the masked theater of Java and the elaborately...

Serving LOreal and Shiseido for 10 years

Goats Hair Sackcloth Clothing

Makeup brushes with goat and taklon hair brush tips and wooden handles Makeup brushes with goat and taklon hair brush tips and wooden handles For 10 years, L'Oreal and Shiseido have sourced cosmetics brushes from us. Most of our biggest buyers come from Japan, the US and Europe, and they demand the best. We carefully handcraft our brushes, checking them at every manufacturing stage. In addition, we use printing, injection and bronzing machines from South Korea. This way, you 11 get the full, round brushes your customers demand at a low price. Beauty & Cosmetics Beauty appliances & accessories Cosmetic packaging Cosmetics & fragrances Makeup tools & accessories Manicure & pedicure products Skin care products

Semipermanent and Temporary Tattoos

Cosmetic tattoos are semipermanent makeup, such as eyeliner and lip color, tattooed on the face. These tattoos use plant-derived inks that are deposited in the superficial skin layer, resulting in a tattoo that lasts up to five years. Temporary tattoos come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. Unlike permanent and semipermanent tattoos, most temporary tattoos can be applied and removed by the wearer. These tattoos are burnished onto the skin and secured with an adhesive. Most temporary tattoos can be removed with soap and water or acetone, depending on the adhesive. Another type of temporary tattoo is henna or mehndi, which is a shrublike plant that grows in hot, dry climates, mostly in India, North African countries, and Middle Eastern countries. The leaves are dried, ground into a powder, and made into a paste, which is applied in desired designs to the skin. After several hours of drying, a reddish-brown stain temporarily tattoos the skin. This tattoo begins to fade as the...

Developments in the Early 2000s

Western cosmetics became widespread in the global economy in the second half of the twentieth century. Corporations like Unilever and Ponds established subsidiaries, contracted with local import firms, and sold beauty preparations in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. American manufacturers marketed cosmetics in a difficult balancing act, appealing to universal ideals of beauty, promoting the American style of actresses and models, and nodding to national and cultural differences. Avon's success in the international arena depended on native sales agents who understood local customs and concerns even as they projected the image of American beauty, lifestyles, and values. By the 1990s, Avon calling could be heard around the world, including post-communist and developing countries. By the twenty-first century, cosmetics manufacturers had invested heavily in scientific research, working closely with chemists and dermatologists. These new cosmeceuticals went beyond the...

International Recognition

In 1983 the designer modified his agreement with GFT. They began to produce both the Mani line for the United States and his high-end ready-to-wear line, rechris-tened Borgonuovo 21, after the address of the company's headquarters. During the late 1980s, despite Galeotti's death (1985), Armani continued to expand commercial horizons and licensing agreements. He opened Armani Japan and introduced a line of eyeglasses (1988), socks (1987), a gift collection (1989), and a new basic men's and women's line for America known as A X Armani Exchange (1991). After the frenetic expansion of the 1990s (sportswear, eyeglasses, cosmetics, home, and new accessories collections), the year 2000, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the brand, saw a flurry of investment activity, including stock sales and the acquisition of new manufacturing capacity intended to increase Armani's control over the quality and distribution of his products.

Paco Rabanne Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo

Rabanne, who was once considered ahead of the times, enjoyed a renewed popularity of the 1960s during the 1990s. By that time his company was owned by the Puig Group, a Spanish fashion and cosmetics company which also owned Carolina Herrera and Nina Ricci. Over a span of thirty years, Rabanne helped introduce new technologies into clothing manufacture and push fashion forward, forcing designers and consumers to reexamine the concept of couture. See also Andre Courreges Pierre Cardin Nina Ricci.

Body Decorations 191929

Women began to experiment with makeup. Bold use of cosmetics marked the decade as women created dramatic looks that imitated movie stars such as Clara Bow (1905-1965) and Theda Bara (1885-1955). Women traced their eyes with black eyeliner, plucked their eyebrows out and drew new ones with a dark pencil, and reshaped the line of their lips with red pencil to make them look like a cupid's bow. To complement their heavily painted faces, women slicked bright polish on their fingernails and adorned themselves with many accessories.

Body Decorations 19001

Women's makeup began to go through major changes around the turn of the century. Most women continued to use their own homemade makeup to lighten their faces or add color to their lips or cheeks. But modern manufacturers and distributors soon offered help. The precursor to the Avon cosmetics company was founded in the United States in 1886 and by 1906 had over ten thousand representatives offering a line of 117 different products to women across the country. Madame C. J. Walker (1867 1919) invented a line of cosmetics for African American women in the same decade. The first woman in the United States to become a millionaire through her own work, Madame C. J. Walker (1867-1919) was a pioneer in the creation of cosmetics created specifically for black women. An African American woman herself, Madame Walker not only invented many products for black women's hair and skin, but, in the early 1900s, she also created a very successful business based on door-to-door sales of her products....

Putting the Puzzle Together

All the elements we've been discussing will help you analyze the lighting of an image so that you can re-create the effect yourself. In many cases professional lighting is quite simple, with only one or two lights. It's the styling, makeup, model, and angle of light that make the image unique.

Fifteenth Century Body Decorations

Makeup provided women with subtle ways of enhancing their appearance. The general trend during the fifteenth century was toward understated, discreet makeup, so women did not use bold colors for rouge or eye makeup. Instead they used a variety of treatments to make their skin appear pale and used subtle shades of pink to add blush to their cheeks or red to color their lips. Women continued to use white lead and other dangerous chemicals to whiten their face, unaware of the consequences to their skin and health. Because they didn't bathe very often, these toxic layers of white face paint might stay on for several days.

Familiarity and confidence

The scoring in this category ranges from 0 points (lowest) to 10 points (highest). Sensory goods are scored high as there is often an advanced level of familiarity and confidence towards them. For example, consumers are more likely to buy sensory goods like fragrance, cosmetics or leather goods from brands that they are already familiar with.

Tear Sheets

Fashion Photographer Tear Sheets

A creative team refers to the individuals you work with during a fashion shoot. They include the hair stylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, prop stylist, and any other people who take part in making your concept a reality. If you choose to work with hair stylists, makeup artists, or wardrobe stylists, chances are they are brimming with ideas for shoots. They are artists like you and have their own ideas and visual goals. Many will keep their own collection of tear sheets for inspiration. If you are short on ideas or just looking for a different perspective, turning to your creative team can be a great way to come up with something unusual. In Figure 1.3, for example, I had a college fashion major approach me and ask me to photograph her work. From there I simply needed to find a client or model who would be appropriate for the styling she provided. She created the clothes and the headpiece and even helped direct the hair and makeup.

Giorgio Armani

1980s Giorgio Armani Womenswear

Better priced women's wear line and Armani Exchange Footwear, traditional footwear for men and women. Armani also lent his prestigious name to licensed products for athletic wear, accessories, cosmetics, and perfume. He licensed his name to Skinea in 1996 to produce a line of men's and women's skiwear under the Neve label, which was followed by a line of men's and women's golfwear. In 1997 Armani licensed his name to Fossil, Inc., for a new line of watches under the Emporio Armani Orologi label. Armani debuted his first fragrance in 1983, Armani le Parfum for women, and its male counterpart, Armani Eau pour Homme in 1984. Armani's next perfume, Gio, was released in 1985 through Helena Rubinstein, but the license was transferred to L'Oreal in 1993. The relationship he began with L'Oreal in 1993 allowed him to add two additional fragrances, Acqua di Gio for women and Acqua di Gio pour Homme for men, in 1996, under L'Oreal's newly created Prestige et Collections division. L'Oreal also...

Inspired Poses

Fashion Photography Poses

When honing your skills for posing, I highly recommend drawing inspiration from other pieces of artwork. Posing is not easy. In fact, I find it one of the more challenging aspects of fashion flair. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe are taken care of before the shoot, but the posing is based on your ideas, your client's abilities, and your communication skills during the shoot.

Lilly Dache

During the late 1950s social norms were relaxing. A woman no longer had to don a hat to be considered properly dressed. Dache again expanded her business, this time by opening a beauty salon and by adding cosmetics to her product offerings. However, Dache's heart was not in this new venture. The woman, who at the height of her career produced 9,000 hats per year, closed her doors in 1968. See also Halston.


Positioning Luxury Fashion

It is highly essential for luxury brands with low market awareness to have a well-crafted positioning in terms of product, services and branding. This is one of the fastest routes of appropriate placement in the market. The Tom Ford brand can be used to illustrate the dimensions of positioning. Tom Ford, the former Creative Director of Gucci has recently launched two products. The first is an eyewear range branded Tom Ford Eyewear and the second is a fragrance and cosmetics co-branding venture with Estee Lauder branded the Tom Ford Estee Lauder Collection. Since Tom Ford is a household personality in the luxury fashion arena with a clear image that needs no introduction, the recognition level of products associated with his name is likely to be high. However, on the branding sphere, there is some message disparity regarding

Not serious business

Daniele de Winter, CEO, Daniele de Winter Cosmetics, Monaco Anyone who thinks fashion is inconsequential and doesn't deserve serious attention must think again. Fashion is a strong force that has always played a significant role in the evolution of mankind's society. As far back as the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Empires, fashion was a key social element that reflected the society through apparel, accessories and cosmetics. Fashion also had an influence on decisions regarding politics, economy, education and art. In the ancient Roman Empire, the visual representation of fashion was so ingrained within the society that the ruling government decreed the models and colours of shoes worn by the members of each social class. Also during the early years of industrialization, wealthy Americans and Asians travelled to Europe to acquire luxury goods, boosting international trade and the expansion of the global economy. In addition, the Grand Nobles of the Renaissance period and the aristocrats...

Branding benefits

The average company is valued by the stock-market at twice its net assets, but companies with strong brands are valued at from 4-20 times their actual physical assets. This additional valuation is often a result of recognition of the intangible value assets of the brand and confidence in the long-term future earning potential of the companies due to their brands. The large amount of money companies with strong brands amass during mergers and acquisitions is also evidence of the importance of branding as an asset. For example, in March 2006 French cosmetics company L'Oreal offered to buy British brand Body Shop for a price 34 per cent higher than its worth, as a result of its brand value. Also, American high-end sportswear brand Tommy Hilfiger was recently acquired by British investment company Apax for 1.6 billion, a figure several times more than the company's physical worth. In the non-luxury fashion category, Nike bought sportswear company Converse for 305 million, a figure that...


Small, handheld bags used to hold money and other necessities, pocketbooks, also called purses, reticules, or handbags, have been an important fashion accessory for women since the late 1700s. People had used small leather or fabric pouches for money and valuables long before that, but those purses had been carried either by men only or by both genders equally. However, from the 1790s through the 1820s, it became fashionable for women to wear simple dresses made of thin, lightweight material. Before this, women had worn full skirts made of yards of heavy materials in which it was easy to hide many pockets to hold such necessities as money, keys, or cosmetics. The lightweight, silky fabrics that became popular at the turn of the nineteenth century would not support deep pockets, so women began to carry small handbags to hold the things they needed. They filled these bags so full that they soon became the object of jokes and ridicule.


Rection of Dutch designer Nico Berhey. The women's wear line was first carried in Arnhem, Holland, and then later added to all stores, including those in the United States. Oilily has grown tremendously, branching out into other product lines such as Jeans for Babies, Oilily for Girls (Juniors), Tirke Dungha, shoes, ski apparel, backpacks, stationary, accessories, watches for women and children, perfume and cosmetics for kids, bath products, and optical frames. These products can be found in exclusive Oilily stores in forty countries plus numerous specialty stores across the United States, Europe, Asia, India, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

Dialectical images

Direct us towards the ways in which the urban landscape has become aestheticized and enchanted through the architecture, billboards, shop displays, advertisements, packages, street signs, and through the embodied persons who move through these spaces the individuals who wear . . . fashionable clothing, hairstyles and makeup, or who move or hold their bodies in particular stylised ways'.20


I also received immeasurable support from people too numerous to mention including Denise Silber, CEO of Basil Strategies, Paris, from whom I constantly draw inspiration Daniele de Winter, CEO of Daniele de Winter cosmetics, Monaco, for being a supporter from day one Mark Tungate, author of Fashion Brands, Branding Style from Armani to Zara (buy his book, its great ) Brad Fox of Royal Elastics, California, for sharing my ideas my 'sisters by choice' M linda Mercan, Vanessa Louis, Sophie-Ann Haberbusch, V ronique Dessout and Amalia Damesin my 'second and third

Jeffrey Fulvimari

Fashion Illustrator Jeffrey Fulvimari

I overstep gallery structures and head straight for the shopping mall, says Jeffrey Fulvimari, creator of the doe-eyed fashionable girls that grace numerous products worldwide. Jeffrey's highly successful fashion illustrations have appeared on everything from Stila cosmetics and Louis Vuitton scarves to a Grammy award-winning CD cover for The Complete Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks. Fulvimari has made his name by embracing the commercial world with open arms. He has launched his own range of illustrated clothing, bags and wallets across the UK and IJSA. His fashion brand has been steadily building in Japan since 1998, and his Bobbypin girls feature on teenage cosmetics, nightwear and greetings cards in large department stores worldwide. My work is both my career and my hobby. I like to make statements with the jobs I take, says Jeffrey. I was at my happiest when a magazine wrote about my merchandise from both ends of the spectrum in the same article. 1 don't ever want to be labelled as...


Catalina was clever when it came to marketing their product lines. The proximity of the company to Hollywood allowed Catalina to draw upon star power to help popularize their lines. Catalina's association with Warner Brothers costume designer Orry Kelly and makeup artist Perc Westmore helped them gain access to such stars as Ronald Reagan and Marilyn Monroe as models for their swimwear. Other designers also supported the Catalina label, including Elizabeth Stewart, Gustave Tassell, Frank Smith, and John Norman.

Oleg Cassini

Oleg Cassini 1960s Pillbox Hats

Cassini, who was once known as the White House Secretary of Style for his role in the creation of the Kennedy-era Camelot, is now known primarily for licensing. His name appears on a wide range of products including men's and women's moderately priced fashions, ties, luggage, children's wear, makeup, shoes, and umbrellas. In the 1960s, Cassini dressed the woman who was the closest thing that America has ever had to royalty. Today he lends the cachet of his name to fashions for middle-class America. See also Jean Patou.

Elio Fiorucci

The latest looks in clothing, accessories, makeup, and blue jeans. He is credited with inventing the concept of designer denim, a direction which continued with Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein, and virtually every other designer who recognized the value of the label. By the 1970s, when Fiorucci opened his first store in America, New Yorkers like Bianca Jagger and Diana Ross were clamoring for his Buffalo '70 jeans skin tight and not available in any size over 10.

Price Determination

Either way, fashion flair services require premium prices. As you know, fashion flair often requires more effort. It might require location scouting, hair and makeup, a wardrobe stylist (or wardrobe rental), and extra post-processing. Hair and makeup 100 Wardrobe 50 (per look) Assistant 50 Location scouting 1 hour

Ha3dgstj 090113

Make Adjustable Frequency Tens Unit

The highly OEM-oriented cosmetics packaging and bottling industry in China is slowly taking steps toward value-added production. Shoelaces, polish kits and sponges Bath confetti and oil beads Containers for cosmetics Tubes for mascaras, lip glosses and eyeliners Cosmetics bags Target, Wal-Mart and numerous other big buyers come to us for the wide range of products that we offer. In addition to hundreds of cosmetics items, we make various shoelaces, polish kits and shoeshine sponges. We even design containers for perfumes and skincare products, which we supply to leading brands such as Nivea. Our R&D team adds 10 new items weekly.


Woman Holding Reticule

By the last decade of the eighteenth century, women's dresses had changed from heavy, multilayered gowns made of thick fabric to flimsy, lightweight dresses too delicate to hold pockets. At this time reticules, or handbags, became essential for carrying necessities. The first bags were made of lightweight fabric or net and closed with a drawstring. By the nineteenth century reticules had become a source of ridicule, for woman had begun to carry rather full bags, stuffed with all sorts of seemingly frivolous items, including makeup, brushes, and hair ornaments.

Headwear 19802003

John Sahag

The early 1980s brought a return of interest in high fashion after the comfort trend of the 1970s, which saw many people rejecting designer clothing. Fashion designers became celebrities by marketing collections of ready-to-wear (off-the-rack) clothing, cosmetics, and accessories to the huge middle class. Hairstylists became similarly celebrated, creating looks for film stars and television actors and then marketing hair care products for the general public. The wealthy also continued to influence fashion. One of the most celebrated trendsetters for hair and clothing was Lady Diana, princess of Wales (1961-1997). ince the 1980s body decoration and accessories have become a highly lucrative business. The intense interest in designer fashions in the 1980s created a demand for cosmetics, jewelry, handbags, and other items made by these makers of high fashion. For many, these accessories, with their designer labels or distinctive scents, were the only way to afford designer luxuries. At...

The Kogal Dream

Charisma School Gals

Shop staff at Shibuya109 are the mentors for Ko-Gals. They are part of the so-called Charisma boom ( Karis-ma in Japanese). Leaders in the fields of fashion design, shop merchandising, hair styling and cosmetics design all have karisma. A lot of Ko-Gals want to become like the shop staff at 109 but it is a fantasy based on the perceived glamour of the job rather than the actual work of merchandising. In reality, they have not really thought much about their future. It is all about having fun and spending money now.

Branding Removal

Caresse Crosby Bra Reproduction

This two-tier system of couture models and more accessible ready-to-wear lines bearing the same label was exploited by successive generations of designers, including Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel, who used it to build their international reputations. The signature label became a defining characteristic of twentieth-century fashion, allowing fashion houses and named designers to attach their names to goods including fashion, perfume, cosmetics, and even household products in order to give these goods distinction. In this way, fashion branding In 1969, a planned demonstration by a group of feminists who protested the proceedings at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City, to call attention to their cause resulted in the myth of bra-burning however, no fire was ever lit, and participants claimed that the bra, high heels, cosmetics, and girdles thrown into the freedom trash can were to be a non-pyrotechnic display. The assembled press reported the incident in ambiguous terms, leading many...

Donna Karan

As Karan's business grew, she developed new product lines and added licensing agreements. She launched her swimwear line in 1986, intimate apparel in 1992, and children's wear in 1992. Karan signed licensing agreements with Hanes for hosiery and Erwin Pearl for jewelry. The Donna Karan Beauty Company was formed in 1992 to develop fragrances and cosmetics. However, despite all her success, when Karan decided to launch a menswear line in 1991, her announcement was met with skepticism. No one was sure whether men would want to buy clothing designed by a woman, but her golden touch continued and the line was a success.

Contemporary Glamour

Glamour's appeal is by no means limited to top-of-the-range publications. It is equally used by teenage magazines like 17 and 19 and by the in-house magazines of stores like Debenhams and Fenwicks. In these sorts of publications, it is rare to see top fashion models and designer garments. Rather the emphasis is on explaining to ordinary people on average incomes, and teenage girls of limited means, how they can acquire a touch of glamour for a special occasion or a night out. For example, the Winter 1997 issue of the Debenhams magazine featured on the cover the model Caprice. Inside, she modelled three versions of a 'dressed-up' look, each featuring clothes available in the store. Caprice's function in this context is clear. She is neither an aloof catwalk model nor a homely Page Three Girl, but the sort of woman whose polished California-style beauty functions as a vehicle of general aspiration.5 Although young and apparently flawless, she has enough personality and sophistication...

Gucci Bags

Gianni Versace Family

In 1921 Guccio Gucci (1881-1953) opened a small store in Florence, Italy, where he sold luggage and saddlery, accessories for horseback riders. Over the decades Gucci's business grew into an internationally renowned company that manufactured and distributed stylish, handsomely crafted personal items, including watches, shoes, ties, jewelry, suitcases, and scarves. Among the most popular and coveted Gucci products were handbags a bag that is designed for women and normally used for carrying money, perfume, makeup, and other small items.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Audience consisted of his mother and grandmother. He was often inspired by his grandmother, the person who taught him about makeup and hair-dressing. He attended the Ecole Communale, the College d'Enseignement, and the Lycee d'Arcueil, but he preferred to skip school and work on his designs.

Prepare to Fair

Classy Boudoir Poses

Fashion photography often produces striking imagery because of all the preparation involved, most of which takes place before the actual day of the shoot. It involves organizing a location, determining the shoot concept, selecting the model, choosing the wardrobe, and communicating the concept to the hair and makeup team. A high-end, single-day shoot may involve weeks of preparation. For example, Figure 1.1 has a distinct fashion flair primarily from the pose and post processing. It was part of a boudoir shoot to be given as a wedding gift. Rather than doing a glamour shoot, we made the shoot high fashion by using rich colors, purposefully selected makeup, and a fashion pose. This did not take a great deal of time or preparation, but the client and I did discuss beforehand the final look we were trying to achieve. We used a fashion pose, choice makeup, and Photoshop effects to create a high-fashion look that was classy and striking for this boudoir shot. We used a fashion pose, choice...

The Tang Dynasty

The Nineteenth Century China

Under the Sui (589-618) and Tang (618-907) dynasties, China was reunified and entered upon a period of unprecedented wealth and cultural brilliance. The capital city of Chang'an (now Xi'an) was, during the eighth century, the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the world. It supported a true fashion system, comparable to that of the modern West, in which rapidly-changing prevailing modes were adopted by fashion leaders and widely disseminated by emulation. Hairstyles (including the use of elaborate hairpins and other hair ornaments) and makeup also changed rapidly in fashion-driven patterns. Ceramic statuettes, produced in huge numbers during the Tang for placement in tombs, often depict people in contemporary dress, and thus give direct evidence for the rapid change of fashions at the time.


During the Roman Empire (27 b.c.e.-476 c.e.) wealthy members of Roman society developed a rich and fashionable lifestyle, which included much attention to appearance and ornamentation. Both women and men used any means available to improve their looks and decorate their bodies. Cosmetics and luxurious costumes were used, and elaborate hairstyles came into fashion for women. Baldness in men was viewed as an ugly defect. Both women and men made frequent use of wigs to hide any shortage of hair.


For example, you might consider reaching out to the area's premier hair and beauty salon and work on copromotional packages. You can display sample images of fashion flair at the salon, featuring the work by the salon's hair stylists and makeup artists. You might pass out 5X7 glossy promo cards at the hair salon and your studio like the one featured in Figure 14.1.

Asian Cultures

W W hile both Chinese and Japanese cultures have some interesting and even spectacular traditions of body decoration, what is perhaps most striking is how little these early Asian cultures depended upon ornament. Both cultures valued simplicity. They did not wear large amounts of jewelry, nor did they have complicated ways of painting their faces with makeup. They did, however, have particular items of their overall costume that allowed for more display. Most of their body decoration customs are difficult to date and are assumed to have begun in ancient times. Many still exist to this day, showing the stability of Asian decorative traditions. Both Chinese and Japanese men and women valued clean, pale faces and a carefully groomed appearance. White pancake makeup was spread all over the face, sometimes quite thickly. For many years this white makeup contained lead, a chemical that caused real damage to the complexion over time. Women plucked and shaped their eyebrows and used red...

Cultural Meanings

As the centerpiece of classic dress in Senegal and neighboring Francophone countries, the boubou occupies the symbolic position of the most basic garment in other cultures, comparable in this respect to blue jeans in American culture. Like blue jeans, the Senegalese grand boubou accrues to itself a multiplicity of contradictory uses and meanings. It can connote sexiness or modesty. It can attain the height of elegance or serve a utilitarian purpose. A stiffly starched, embroidered boubou, falling alluringly off one shoulder and perfumed with incense, can be worn with high heels, gold jewelry, a starched matching head scarf tied in a rakish knot, and dramatic makeup. This is the outfit young women wear for weddings, baby-naming ceremonies, and Muslim feast days. This is also the outfit of the Dirriankhe, a woman who fulfills the Senegalese ideal of seductive beauty. She is large, sensuous, and conveys the mystique


One of Friedlander promotions was a joint venture with Estee Lauder USA called custom color consultation. The promotion was held at Bloomingdale's in New York City at the Estee Lauder counter with consultants from both Carolee and Estee Lauder. Consultants worked together to advise customers on techniques for selecting cosmetics and accessories that complement each other. The success of this promotion lead to new, exciting opportunities for Friedlander to expand her business, including entering into a licensing agreement with Ralph Lauren for a line of Polo jewelry to be launched in spring 1995.

Jeanne Lanvin

After her death in 1946, Lanvin's daughter, Mari-Blanche de Polignac, ran the design house until 1958, at which time other designers were brought into the house. As one of the oldest existing fashion houses, the House of Lanvin has witnessed a succession of talented couture, ready-to-wear, and menswear designers. Through these designers, the House of Lan-vin has continued to expand its product offerings to include sportswear, fur, accessories, ready-to-wear, knitwear, cosmetics, and additional fragrances. However, this progression of designers also resulted in conflicting design direction because each designer brought his or her own unique style to the house. Ultimately, the couture line was canceled in 1993, and the house switched its focus to women's and men's ready-to-wear. During the last fifty years, the House of Lanvin has been home to such designers as Antonio del Castillo (1950-1963), Jules-Francois Crahay (1963-1984), Maryll Lanvin (1985-1989), Claude Montana (1990-1992),...


Women's and cosmetics bag set also available individually Sou reed by top cosmetics companies Customizable cosmetics and toiletry bags Our wide range of cosmetics and toiletry bags can be customized with your logos and other specifications. In fact, many prominent multinationals in the US and Europe, including Avon and L'Oreal, rely on us for their promotional bags. And we offer our products in many types of materials, including PVC, PEVA, PU, leather, mesh nylon and cotton. With nearly 200 sewing machines at our mainland China factory, we are able to produce 300,000 bags monthly. Samples can be delivered to you in a week or less. Contact us today to learn more about our line of cosmetics and toiletry bags.

Goth Style

Gothic Style Gwyneth Paltrow

Ultramodern, the goths were drawn to a gentler, old-fashioned style. Along with ripped black stockings or T-shirts, a goth might wear a crushed purple velvet skirt or vest, old-style high button shoes, or black work boots worn with fishnet stockings. Most goths wore only black or very dark clothes, and many dyed their hair black as well. Goths of both sexes often wore dark eye makeup, black lipstick, and black nail polish. As with the punks, piercings and tattoos were common among goths, and many chose ancient Celtic designs, all in black.

Modern Dance Costumes

Graham, and later Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Alvin Ailey, and Pina Bausch, reformed and liberalized traditional dance and its costumes. Moving away from traditional ballet techniques, modern dance gave rise to a new era of costuming. Costumes and makeup took on a unisex look as choreographers felt it less relevant to differentiate female and male dancers. Theater designers experimented with seminude costumes transparent T-shirts and short black trunks for men and simple bodices and plain tights for women were the standard outfits.

Max Factor

Max Factor's career began in Russia, where he owned a hair-goods shop, served as a cosmetician to the royal court in Saint Petersburg, and worked as chief makeup artist for the Moscow Theatre. He came to the United States in 1904 and operated a beauty products concession at the Saint Louis World's Fair. Intrigued by the emerging motion picture industry, he moved to Los Angeles in 1908 and opened a store that sold theater cosmetics to stage actors. At that same time he founded Max Factor and Company. The shiny, thick, unattractive greasepaint of early movie actors prompted Factor to create Supreme Greasepaint in 1914. This flexible greasepaint, which was packaged in a tube, was the first makeup ever designed specifically for motion pictures. He marketed the enormously successful greasepaint along with his eyeshadows and pencils. Factor's name soon became synonymous with the makeup of the stylish Hollywood actresses of the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s. He advised stars such as Theda Bara,...

History II

Art and fashion differ significantly in their respective attitudes to history. Art looks at its own historical tradition and, importantly, at the communication of history (historiography), as points of friction and contrast. History for artists consists of mythical or ideological narratives that can be illustrated, debated, and re-assessed in the context of artistic tradition. Styles or motifs are quoted, as in the historicism of academic painting, for example, but this process is consciously reflected upon. The costumes in European history paintings of the nineteenth century are often remodeled and redrawn to fit contemporary ideals of the past. Thus, for example, a subject wearing Roman toga is depicted with a contemporary hairstyle and contemporary makeup, and the face and body of the painterly subject follows modern perceptions rather than adhering to any archaeological evidence. The beholder of such artworks understands that historical authenticity is impossible but expects the...

Postwar Expansion

By the 1940s, makeup had become accepted as an integral dimension of women's everyday appearance. Home economics courses taught how to use makeup in classes on good grooming department stores held beauty days for schoolgirls white-collar personnel offices looked favorably on job candidates with carefully applied lipstick and rouge. Psychologists and other professionals insisted that cosmetics were essential to women's mental health and a mature feminine identity. went into industry in record numbers, they continued to use cosmetics to affirm their femininity and boost their morale. When the American government tried to restrict cosmetics as a conservation measure in 1942, it found itself backpedaling six months later. Although discontinuing metal containers and limiting some ingredients, it nevertheless made a wide range of beauty preparations available. Cosmetics use increased dramatically in the postwar world. Women purchased cosmetics to complement seasonal changes in fashion,...


Hair Stylist Hourly Rate

For inspiration in hair and makeup, I keep a lot of tear sheets. Just as I do for lighting and other aspects of photography, I tear pages from a magazine when I see hair and makeup I might want to use in the future. Furthermore, when looking at the work of other photographers or of models online, I keep a folder on my desktop called Hair and Makeup where I save any inspirational looks. Another great place for hair and makeup ideas is the portfolios of hair stylists and makeup artists. Many have their own Web sites, and some even have their own creative representatives (agents). You can find hair and makeup artists on sites like,, and has a wealth of information, including links to hair stylists and makeup artists, links to many fashion magazines, and links to other photographers. A creative hair stylist or makeup artist is sure to have begun a collection of inspirational images. If you are looking for ideas, ask if this person has a...

Buzz Creation

These top 10 contestants then receive a free photo shoot with you and your creative team. Consider teaming up with a local salon to do hair and makeup for each of the finalists. Each contestant gets three shots one beauty shot (close-up shot) and two full-length fashion shots. Two images for each contestant are then posted on the radio's Web site (or perhaps on your own blog), and people can vote for which model they like best. Consider having a local salon do the hair and makeup for the shoots and contribute a giveaway toward the final prizes. Also, consider having a local boutique or designer provide clothing for the shoots and contribute some type of gift certificate or prizes. If you are collaborating with a local radio station, the station will be sure to get a variety of extra prizes. The bigger the prizes, the more interest that will develop around the project. Everybody wins.

Launch of a Career

Since 1989 Sy has produced costumes, sets, hairstyles, and makeup for seventeen films, thirteen staged shows, and for musicians such as Baaba Maal and Yous-sou N'dour. This has brought her prizes from major festival contests and a much broader audience than fashion shows would allow. In the film Hyenas (1992), splendor adorns not royalty but the slaves of an old woman who was cast out from her home village as a young, pregnant girl and comes back to exact revenge. Obsessed with raw power, she uses her slaves to exhibit her beauty, power, and wealth. While Sy's designs for this woman and her entourage create spectacles in some scenes, their neutral tones fuse with the desert scenery to create visual effects of severity.


Social customs in the West had discouraged the use of cosmetics for several hundred years, but that began to change around the turn of the twentieth century. As women began to hold jobs and demand the right to vote and other privileges afforded only men, their lives became less restricted. Cosmetics such as rouge, powder, and lipstick came into style, and such respectable companies as the Sears and Roebuck Catalog began to sell them. In the early 1900s women like Helena Rubenstein (1870-1965), Elizabeth Arden (1884-1966), and Estee Lauder (1908-) went into the cosmetics business and began to sell cosmetics in their salons. Madame C. J. Walker (1867-1919) and Annie Malone (1869-1957) developed During the flamboyant 1920s, dark red lipstick came into fashion, as women wanted to highlight their sexuality. Lipstick was packaged in small tubes, and for the first time women began to take it with them in a purse wherever they went. Glamorous dark lipstick hues continued to be popular...

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