Chapter Xxix


Sunshades, en-tout-cas, metis, in 1862—Sailors' jackets, jerseys, and pilot-jackets-Princess or demi-princess gowns; Swiss bodices; corset or postillion belts—Lydia and Lalla Rookh jackets; Vespertina opera cloaks—" Lungchamps is no more "— Bois de Boulogne—Russian or Garibaldi bodices—Paletot vest—Empress Delt— 1885 patents for inventions regarding dress are taken out in 1864—Victoria skeleton skirts, Indian stays, train-supporters—" Titian "-coloured hair—The Peplum in 1866—Epicycloide steels ; aquarium earrings—Description of a court ball-dress—The fashions of Louis XV-, Louis XVI., and the Empire are revived —Sedan chairs—Handkerchiefs at all prices 241

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