Chapter Xxxiii


The International Exhibition of 1878—Foreign countries—Japanese fans—The little lace-makers of Péniche—Retrospective exhibition of costume in France—Considérations sur le Vêtement des Femmes, byM. Charles Blanc—Historical Exhibition at the Trocadéro—Comprehensive glance at the curiosities of that exhibition— "The Movement" in 1879—"Merveilleuse," "Niniche," and other bonnets— Plush—Gown-stuff at a hundred francs the yard —Scarfs, casaques, and various bodices—Madras costumes— Under-clothing ; chemise-corsets, morning gowns— Housewife fans ; fan-holders—Trinkets—New materials—Visites; jackets; bows; neckties—The year 1880 - "Cabriolet " bonnets ; " passe-montagnes"—The pilgrim costume—Satins—Favourite colours—Vests—Art buttons—Bulgarian costumes—Jerseys—Scented gloves—Flowers 111 profusion ; a bridal bouquet— Midshipman bonnets—Nord en ski old—-Dust cloaks—Revolution in bonnets—Art and fashion—"Porte-veines" 277

CHAPTER XXXIV. Conclusion . 289

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