Universal mourning on the death of the Guises ; intolerance of showy dress— Vertugadins, "espoitrement," "corps espagnole"—Diversity of colours—The pearls, jewels, and diamonds belonging to Gabrielle d'Estrées and to the queen— Dress of Marguerite de France—Low-cut bodices. —Head-dresses of hair—Various styles—Venetian slippers—Edicts of Louis XII.—Caricatures: "Pompe funèbre de la Mode"—Words and fashions—Ribbons or " galants " -Dress of widows— " Demi-ceint" girdles—Gloves of all sorts—Patches—Masks ; their use—" Caclie-laid"—The Frondeuses—Mme. de Longueville . „ . . . 113

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