The Second Republic

Tricoloured stuffs of 1848—Girondin mantles—Open gowns—Summer dresses—Kasa-wecks and their derivatives—Beaver bonnets ; velvet bonnets, and satin or crape drawn bonnets—Cloches, Cornélie, Moldavian, and Joséphine cloaks ; mantles— Isly green—Opera cloaks—Numerous styles of dressing the hair ; à la Marie Stuart, à la Valois, Léda, Proserpine, and Ceres—Marquise parasols—Jewellery— Straw bonnets—" Orleans" and "armure"—Work reticule or bag—" Chinés"— Pagoda sleeves—Waistcoats ; basque bodices—New and economical canezous . 213

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