The Third Republic

The years 1870 and 1871—The siege of Paris—General mourning—Simplicity and economy—Parisian velvet and pekin—A concert costume—A cloth costume— Alsatian bows and costumes—Soirees at the Presidency — Marie Stuart and Michael Angelo bonnets—" Hunting stockings "—Rabagas hats—The years 1872 and 1873—Fan parasols—"Leopold Robert" bonnets—The year 1873—Return of luxury—"Regent" belts and "sovereign" dress-improvers—Silks—"Moderate" costumes—The burning of the Opera House—Sale on behalf of those made orphans by the war—The ball for the Lyons weavers—Cashmere tunics—Dislike to gloves—Petticoats—Charles IX. shoes—Slippers—The year 1874—"Page" bormets and "Margot" hats—Hair in the Swiss style; false hair—The ball given by the Chamber of Commerce—Greei. -Jet—Various costumes—Hair-dressing— " Mercury" bonnets , . . 251

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