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Classic Odd Trouser Models

Daks Trousers

Most men's dress slacks are made with belt loops. While trouser waistbands and belt loop dimensions are not immune to fashion, those accommodating belt widths ranging from 1V4 inches to 1V2 inches will always remain impervious to obsolescence. Along with the traditional plain- and pleated-front trouser models, several lesser-known odd slack models continue to curry favor with the better-slippered buck. Whether narrow or full cut, the following waistband treatments have maintained their fashion authenticity and insider currency since their inception back in menswear s prewar heyday.

Traditional Tanning Methods

The importance of leather goods in all aspects of daily life made it a highly desirable trade item. Primitive peoples who needed leather for clothing, weapons, and other applications bartered goods for leather products. Leather became so vital to the flourishing of communities that it progressed into a form of currency. It has been used as money continuously throughout history. The historian Seneca noted that Romans used stamped leather money in 2 c.e. so did the ancient Chinese early in the second century b.c.e. Even in sixteenth century Russia, leather pieces stamped with Czar Ivan IV's symbol were being used until metal currency took hold during the reign of Peter the Great.

Historical Southeast Asian Textiles

Members of the Mekong expedition of 1866-1868 were awed by the willingness of local women to trade homemade textiles for European goods. Finally, in addition to having use as clothing, textiles acted as currency. Careful studies of tax receipts flowing into Bangkok from upcountry dependencies during the early reigns of the Chakri dynasty (1782-c. 1830) show that white cotton cloth was a major tribute item. In part, this cloth was requisitioned for royal funerals in many Southeast Asian cultures, white cloth is required for wrapping the deceased. For royal funerals, even more was needed to dignify the cremation bier and for participant dress (Lefferts, 1994). Some upland Lao cultures use magnificent lengths of tie-dyed weft silk cloth to adorn coffins.


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The Maldives is a chain of small islands lying in the Indian Ocean off the southwestern coast of India. The earliest settlers of these lands immigrated from India and Sri Lanka perhaps more than 2,500 years ago. The Maldi-vians have long been fishers and traders. Maldivian cowry shells (which were widely used as currency in ancient times), coir fiber from coconuts, and fine cottons attracted trade with Arabs who first introduced the Islamic faith in the twelfth century. In the hot, humid climate of the Maldive Islands, people traditionally were bare-breasted but wore lower body wrappers of very fine cotton. Men wore light-colored lunghis and women wore the saronglike garment called feyli, which was started below the navel and fell to the ankles.