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The place of distribution

Unlike consumer goods, the distribution of luxury goods and services comprises of a one-track direction, making it easily manageable. In addition, several new distribution opportunities like the Internet provides optimal tools for enhanced services, long-term customer relationships and improved direct marketing methods. As noted in earlier chapters, luxury consumers desire personal attention and customized services and this can be achieved through online customer services powered by the Internet.

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The same principles of promotion which apply to women's fashions also apply to men's. The promotion of merchandise has a most important bearing on fashion art, and the method by which a single garment is promoted offers a wide range of fashion illustration, depending upon how many meihods arc employed, lb sell a single garment from the lime it is raw material uiiLil it reaches the consumer may involve promoting the fabric by the mill, promoting the design of the garment, manufacturer's promotion for direct mail, magazines, house organs, trade papers and trade catalogues, and retailer's promotion through house organs, newspaper and magazine advertising and by direct mail.

Aaron Montgomery Ward

Montgomery Ward's innovations in direct-mail retail have been copied by thousands of other merchants. Almost every imaginable form of merchandise is sold through direct mail, and the no-risk satisfaction guarantee has been adopted by traditional and nonstore retailers alike. Website http


People Looking Street Billboards

2 Direct marketing Direct marketing is defined as direct communication between a brand and a consumer designed to generate a purchase behavioural response. The response could be in the form of information request, a visit to the brand's store or website or actual product purchase. The goal of direct marketing is to lead consumers to interact with the brand. Its methods include the age-old mailorder selling technique through catalogues and direct mail. Others are telemarketing and home shopping, although these are rarely used in the luxury sector. Direct marketing is one of the fastest growing media of communication among fast moving consumer goods, but their application in luxury goods promotions is minimal. This minimal use arises from several discrepancies in its utilization. For example, several luxury brands produce product catalogues designed for consumers but there is a continuous inconsistency over how, when and to whom these should be distributed. Several brands such as...


Christopher Edgar and Steve Kahn founded the direct marketing company Delia's in 1993 with 200,000 in a Brooklyn apartment. When Edgar and Kahn launched their new company, they were targeting college-age women in the northeastern United States. However, the product assortment featured in their catalog proved to be of more interest to teenage sisters of these coeds. In response, Edgar and Kahn broadened their customer profile to include the newly emerging teen market, and within six years grew their business to 113 million in sales.

Buzz Creation

There are several ways you create buzz. You can create interesting viral videos to share online. Or you can really push your social networking activities. (See Social Networking, later in this chapter.) Another idea is to have giveaways and competitions. You can give door prizes at bridal shows or scholarships at local schools. Alternatively, you can create a luxury direct-mail piece. Or consider advertising on the radio or TV.

How We Shop

The first indication of this was in the United States, during the 1980s. Industrial analysts suggest that the introduction of zip codes and toll-free telephone numbers, increasing subscription to credit cards and the development of computer networks that could cross-check individual spending habits, enabled the meteoric rise of mail order. Mail order business grew at three times the rate of store business throughout the decade and according to the Direct Marketing Association, in 1993 alone, in the United States, more than 10,000 mail order companies issued 13.5 billion catalogues and 55 per cent of the adult population bought 51.5 billion worth of goods by mail.

Advertising With Circulars

Advertising With Circulars

Co-op Mailing means that two or more businesses share in the cost and distribution of a direct mail campaign. It's kind of like having you and another non-competing business split the cost of printing, assembling and mailing an advertising flyer to a shared same market base.

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