Classic Odd Trouser Models

Most men's dress slacks are made with belt loops. While trouser waistbands and belt loop dimensions are not immune to fashion, those accommodating belt widths ranging from 1V4 inches to 1V2 inches will always remain impervious to obsolescence. Along with the traditional plain- and pleated-front trouser models, several lesser-known odd slack models continue to curry favor with the better-slippered buck. Whether narrow or full cut, the following waistband treatments have maintained their fashion authenticity and insider currency since their inception back in menswear s prewar heyday.

l'he daks Slack The Daks waistband was invented in 1932 by Alec Simpson, the eldest son of Simeon Simpson, founder of the English I louse ot Simpson. As an avid golfer. Alec shared the irritation felt by fellow golfers when impeded by one s braces and disordered shirt in the course of a swing. Trained as an engineer. Alec decided that there must be a better way to

Odd Trou WAi construct a sport trouser and came up with the idea of a "comlort in action slack," the first self-supporting heirless trouser. In memory of his father, he named his creation Daks, an acronym combining "Dad" and "slacks."

First, rubber pads were sewn into the waistband to hold the shirt in place. 1 hen, on either side of the waist, self-cloth tabs with buttonholes were designed to connect to a con-

o cealed band of elastic running through a tunnel loop around the inside back of the waistband.

This permitted the tab on either side of the waist to pull forward and fasten on one oI the two side waistband buttons, bringing additional tension on the waistband for support.

Although sport-inspired, the genuine Daks top waist design is expensive to manulac ture and therefore typically found only on higher-priced ready-made or custom-tailored suit or sport trousers. I leres one of the earliest ads for Simpsons heirless classic.

The SELF -BELT Between the wars, the demand for lightweight sports clothes encouraged innovations in beachwcar. I he sell-belt design removed the bother of having to pack a separate waist rigging. When cotton slacks with matching tops sauntered into vogue for resort wear during the late twenties, the convenient and easy to fasten self-belt pants model gained further acceptance, eventual!) infiltrating general sportswear and dress trousers. A matching

with thoughts of summer in mind, we offer you a few suggestions from Simpsons' vast array of appropriate clothes. The left-hand figure seems comfortable in a double-breasted suit—worn without waistcoat—at £6.12.6. The saw-edge straw hat and the whangce cane add a touch of seasonable light-heartedness. Right, the Daks trousers are in hopsack (30/-); the striped sports shirt (30/-) being neatly topped by a foulard scarf.

The Daks Slack—ihe first self supporting beltless trouser

Daks Trousers

The Hollywood Waistband The popularity for higher-waisred trousers in the fifties spurred the iv-emerge nee on the West Coast of a model initially created in the thirties. Aptly termed the "Hollywood," this longer-rise model featured a one-piece front and back with narrow belt loops positioned below the trousers* top. Modeled here by "OY Blue lives." the j j

I lollywoods nonwaistband design and lowered belt loops necessitated narrower belts, which were believed to help it conform more closely to the wearers natural waistline. One variation on this theme was for style avatars such as Leslie I Ioward to sport his belt buckle off to the side, purportedly for comfort but probably also for swagger.

separate or attached half self-belt was usually-provided with either a plain or covered D—ring, as modeled here by actor Errol Flynn.

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