Fashion Correctness Of Blue Suit And Black Shoes

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Thile black dress shoes have always been considered de rigueur tor dark dressy suitings dark brow n offers equal refinement, if not superior style. Regardless of their luster, black dress shoes will alway s lack the antiqued brow n's deep patina and changing highlights lust as am arti cle placed on a polished mahogany tabletop immediately acquires an expensive aura top qualm brown leather shoes invest all fabrics with an intangible richness

In 1936, the leather antiquing process was finally refined ro the point where it spurred acceptance of the dark brow n shoe for dressy worsted wear I lere is the editor s response to reader's query from a 1936 Apparel Arts magazine on the correctness of coordinating brown shoes with navy suits:

Dea r M r . E.: It was customary years ago to wear only black shoes with a tiark blue suit. In recent years there has been a decided trend toward brown shoes, not the light tan. but the dark antique brown shade. Since these are almost as dark lis a pair of black shoes, their adaption for wear with dark blue suits became quite general.

At the present time, dark brown shoes are considered correct and satisfactory for wear with a dark blue suit. Light tan shoes are not considered appropriate.

Brown Shoes With Black Suit

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