form alwear trousers trousers, with one exception: a slightly wider single decorative band replaces the formal trousers two small strips on its outer leg seams. If the jacket's lapel facings are satin, the texture of the trousers' side trim must follow suit. I lowever, if the jacket's lapels are trimmed in grosgrain a matching grosgrain or a slightly narrower band w ith a raised rib effect are equally correct Like the tailcoat trouser. its bottom is never cuffed. T he I red Astaire Ginger Rogers movie Sluill\\c /)mce? contains an amusing depiction ol the cuffless tradition in w hich Astaire's band members rrv to side track his wedding by con\ incing him that the latest fashion requires that dress trousers be cuffed

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Semi-formal buvck-tie trousers

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