Dress inc. the MAN

Sketches Mens Dress Shirts


Correct balance—large stripe, small stripe, large paisley.


Correct balance—large check, small check, large stripe.

e encounter an even more demanding slope when tvvo of the three players share the same design, such as two stripes and a check, or two checks and a stripe. In this case, saie passage can be assured only by separating the two like designs in size while selecting an unlike pattern that is \ isually compatible with both. In this example, the two stripes are kept at arm's length by \ irtue of their differing scales, vv hile the necktie consorts handsomely with either stripe.

Ditto for the check-on-check classic below. I lie dress shirt's smaller check is appcalinglv framed within the suit's bolder check. When sporting a triumvirate of patterns in which two share the same design, the odd one out (in this case, the ncck-tie) must take its cue from the more prominent of the two partners.

Notice the usefulness ofa larger-patterned necktie in harmonizing many of these ¡^ multipatterned compositions. Of all neckties, the open-ground, large-spaced motif affords the greatest possibilities for texniral harmony. Multiple patterned ensembles often require at least one larger-scaled design tor proper balance, and these bolder-all-over neckties are indispensable for accomplishing just such an aesthetic accord.


Graduating checks from shirt outward.

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