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oi footw ear has inspired many offshoots; however. it is presented here in its original form, the two-eyelet ankle boot. Originally brought to the W est from India b\ the British Raj. the) dubbed it "chukka." after the playing period in polo. Often unlined and fitted with a leather or rubber sole, this field shoe can frequently be found ensconced under a pair of flannels or cords, in either a smooth tan calfskin or a russet shade ol suede. Kitted out in Ty rolean chapeau, Scottish Shet land sport coat, and I nglish moleskin trousers, this tastefully attired toff reaffirms the chukkas international ranking.

Gucci Lug Sole LoafersGucci Loafer Lug Sole

lis Fairbanks Jr. in Gucci loafers.

2 os

Foot Decorum

Th e Gucci Slip -On Just as the red heels of Louis xiv and his courtiers exuded an air of nobilin the famous Gucci loafer trimmed with a bit of gilded horse regalia continues to resonate chic Whether in brown leather for the cosmopolitan's gray flannels or black suede v iri' lug sole for the downtown urbanite. the Gucci loafer is still one of the softest, most com fortable casuals in or out of town.

In 1966 the I louse of Gucci single handedly revived interest in their famous slip on. which has spawned more imitations than any other style of male footwear. By the early seven ties Wall Street investment bankers took to appointing their corporate chalk stripes with Turn-hull ex \sser spread collars. I Icrmcs tour in hands, and Gucci leather slip ons. Very few male shoe designs sun ive the vagaries of high fashion, but more than thirty years later. Guccis buck led soles ot comfort have style mileage to spare. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. poses in this icon of Ital ian craftsmanship

Dress White Shirts From The 1930s

Famed Hollywood costume designer Adrian cosseted in the classic white buck shoe.

THE WHITE Buck No article of footwear better typified the postwar m nd tow. v relaxed style than American white bucks. Their slight!) scuffed appearance lent them that lived in character so characteristic of the country s natural shoulder fashion t niquely \meri can m their understated temperament, the white buckskin oxford lace up with its red rubber soles first served as comfortable summer accompaniment to resort clothes worn in the earl\ 1930s. Later on. resourceful commuters discovered that these comix suedes comported themselves equally well 011 steamy summer pavements under lightweight gabardine, seersucker, or tropical xvorsted suits.

Brothers Brooks used to make the sine qua non of white bucks in England 7 hex were the perfect companion to the trad's well w orn khaki pants or madras Bermudas f nfbrtunatelx the Brooks' British original is yet another casualty of the company > rush to divest itself of its old-guard heritage. I lere is I lolly wood's famed costume designer Adrian enjoying the soft spoken luxury of his worn in bucks.

Lolly Costume

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