Modernizing The Suit

Let's i^e the bnekdrop of the classic gray business suit to help illustrate some of the more practiced casual tech niques Without the closed shirt collar and necktie's ordered glamour to highlight the face and fill up the void under the chin the dressed down neckline must still frame the face w ithout detracting from it The button dow n collar accomplishes such .1 mission, because of how its fastened down points help it to stand up around the wearer's neck. When worn under a jacket, its in place stability conveys a snappy elan, dressing up the face more than other sport shirt collars. Layering a dark I shirt underneath adds visual interest while helping fill in the space left by the open collar.

As .1 general rule, closing a shirt's collar creates a dressier image because its relative neatness helps the face to appear more important (see page 262). Camp style collars should be avoided if the idea is for the shirt collar to add stature to the tailored jacket's open neckline. I lie absence of a collar band encourages their flat ly ing collars to slide down the base of the neck leav ing the throat uncovered and the wearer looking disheveled.

Likewise, a knit shirt buttoned at the neck invariably exudes a tidier, less casual look I lovvever its so ft knit collar can be easily overwhelmed by the jacket's sturdier collar it usually ends up getting pushed out of position and tailing down the neck, eroding the face's presence. This can be avoided by mating a sport coat with only those knit shirts made w ith the more substantive one-piece self collar, which sits on the neck much like a woven sport shirt collar

\long with the standard rurtleneck or mock-turtle knit collars here are several other seasoned w ay s to soften up the starchy environs of the classic gray two piece Modern casual business dressing elevates the concept of layering, cross-pollinating it w ith something not normally paired, like a I shirt and a sport jacket, or a turtleneck and a suit. Donning a simple T-shirt, either by itself or leav ing its neckline to peep out above a V neck or round-neck sweater, has bccome standard operating procedure. One exceptionally stylish way to appoint the open -collar neckline is by ty ing an ascot or. in this case, a neckerscarf . around it

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