The Patterned Dress Shirt

Complexion also dictates the choice of pattern. Once again, the amount ot contrast found in the complexion above will dictate the degree ot contrast desired below flic hairline, pin pencil, shadow. Bengal, and variegated striped settings enjoy long standing popularity on the business circuit. In the check family, the pin. miniature graph, and small box tattersall are also highly recognized figures w ithin the corporate boardroom.

\\ hile it's hard ro ow n too many simple blue -and white-striped dress shirts, the same can be said for those dressy mini checks that effect a predominantly blue background. Because the small fancy blue check appears like a solid from a distance, substituting the fine blue check tor .1 blue solid shirt lends an air of sophistication w ith little risk of fussiness. Stripes or checks with red accents suit a ruddier complexion, while yellow or gold patterns favor the fair skinned or blond man Medium to bottle green stripes or simple green graph checks on w hite grounds .ire alway s sty lish. especially under the classic navy or gray worsted suit.

With a w hire ground stripe or check, a contrasting white collar is always an opt ion, and iis historical provenance should not be ignored. The contrasting white-collar dress shirts hark back to the day s of the separate collar. Today only the rounded, club-type (preferably pinned) or the very open almost cutaway model are stylish enough to hold their own when contrasted against a different color or patterned shirt body. Contrary to popular opinion, the contrasting w hite collar does not require a matching white French cuff to maintain its pedigree, although it does more to catch the eye. W hile the marching French cuff is always acceptable, a button cuff has no place at the end of a sleeve attached to a shirt w ith a contrasting white collar.

The Dress shirt

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