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Almost everyone is, and as a portrait and wedding photographer, you must have an active Facebook presence. Individuals have Facebook (personal) profiles, whereas businesses have Facebook pages. You must first have a Facebook account and personal profile Once you have your Facebook page set up, share all relevant updates on this page. When you do a new shoot, post lower-resolution images of the clients to this page, and then tag the clients so the images show up on their profile. By doing this, your images are displayed on their page (with your copyright) for all their friends and family to see and enjoy. In Figure 14.6, for example, I have tagged the subject in the photo and friends and family have then commented their positive feedback on the work. If visitors like your work, they can easily click on the album link to be redirected to your business page. Albums and tagging are available for both local business pages and visual artist pages. You must be...

Model Mayhem and Other Social Networks

Model Mayhem is not the only social network of its kind. Several others have similar objectives, including Model Run (http www.modelrun.com ) and One Model Place (http www.onemodelplace.com ), but Model Mayhem has the largest active membership and therefore the greatest chance to find someone for your team. In addition to Model Mayhem, I have used more traditional social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to reach out to creatives I am interested in.

Social Networking

For your fashion flair marketing, it is essential that you have a blog and Facebook page. From there, I also highly recommend a Twitter account and YouTube (or Vimeo) page. Without a blog and Facebook page, you are missing a goldmine of opportunity to share your work and reach potential clients.

Buzz Creation

After these photo shoots are completed and retouched, the contest awards a first, second, and third place prize. The first-place contestant gets a fashion portfolio photo session (aim for high-value, impressive numbers like 1,500+). All the winners are put on the radio's Web site, your blog, Facebook, and many different social networks. This exposes them and your work. Remember the important role that social networking plays in attracting competitors to this competition. Be sure to create a Facebook page for your Next Top Model competition, and consider a separate Web site and Twitter account. The more ways you provide for people to connect with you and your work, the better.

Unique Locations

Country Cloths For Hay Bales

I often ask people on Facebook and Twitter for suggestions on where to shoot. Also, I ask my clients to ask their friends and family for ideas. I have several places near the studio in my town where I shoot regularly. I know these places well, and they reliably produce good images. I know the light, I know what compositions work, and I know they are always great backups.


The easiest way to describe Twitter to a nonuser is that it's like a big Facebook newsfeed where you see everyone's status updates. Twitter is a form of microblogging. In short, people quickly share their ideas, things they've found online, images, and more through these 140-characters-or-less updates.

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