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Kobokoki Intl Trade (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Factory: Chuzhou Koyo Knitting Co. Ltd

Shanghai Koten Textile & Knitting Co. Ltd

12/F, Rm. 7-9, Union Building, 100 East Yan'an Rd., Shanghai 200002, China Tel: (86-21) 6329 5522 Fax: (86-21) 6329 5533 E-mail: [email protected][email protected] Website:

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Knee-high socks with badge and chain trimmings

Nothing but Legs

Hundreds of seasonal prints, plus unique customization options

For 10 years, we've dedicated ourselves solely to the development of leg fashion. From our beginnings designing for the fast-moving markets of Japan to our current focus in the US and Europe, we've remained at the forefront of contemporary style. The leggings featured here are available in hundreds of seasonal colors and prints. And we offer more customization options than our competitors - including various trimmings sewn on by hand.

70D tights with colorful argyle pattern

Add lace, embroidery, badges, chains and buttons to create an original look. We can make your stockings, tights, leggings, socks and booties from cotton, acrylic, nylon, polyester, wool and angora with needle counts from 60 to 400. Samples take seven days.

From New Balance to Wal-Mart, we meet the volume needs of a broad spectrum of buyers. We turn out up to 200,000 pairs of leggings and tights, and 1 million pairs of socks monthly. Inquire today.

Booties with lace trimmings, one size fits all

We spend $50,000 on QC

We spend $50,000 on QC

Sports sunglasses with UV400-protected lenses

With interchangeable temple and strap

Sports sunglasses with UV400-protected lenses

With interchangeable temple and strap

To make sure you'll receive high-quality glasses, we devote $50,000 to our annual QC budget. This helps ensure that our products carry CE, FDA, TUVand EN 1836:1997 certifications. We only use materials from the US, Japan and Taiwan, including lenses with UV400 protection to completely block harmful UVA and UVB rays. And we manufacture our frames on equipment from Europe and Japan.

Staffed by 10 senior designers with 21 years of industry experience, our R&D team uses equipment from Japan to provide your OEM samples in 30 days or less. You can count on our nickel-free plating and logo design services to make your brand name look good. We develop more than 30 new products annually.

Our 700-square-meter warehouse and 20 partner suppliers help us deliver your orders within 30 days. And, like us, all of our partner factories have at least 20 years of industry experience. Contact us today.

Sports sunglasses with double-injection-molded frames

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