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We deliver bags faster by following C-TPAT guidelines

Laptop Cases

• Materials: 230D nylon twill/PU and sandwich mesh

• For 7, 8.9, 10.4, fl.l, 12.1 and 13.3" computers

• Colors: pink, black, gray, green, blue and orange

Faster delivery

With a production staff of 500 members, our Shenzhen factory completes orders within 30 days. But efficient production is only the beginning of how we help you get your fashion bags to market quicker than your competitors. As a C-TPAT-qualified supplier of ODM products, everything we make is entitled to expedited import to the US. Together, this efficient production and fast-tracked importing give you an edge in the fast-moving retail fashion sector.

Improved communications and QC

Getting products to market quicker is a great advantage, but what's the point if the designs aren't trendy? Our R&D team has over 25 years' experience handling custom orders. A multilingual staff at our offices in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan ensures that your designs are realized as you envisioned. And we follow flexible AQL standards throughout production — meaning an ideal balance between product quality and cost effectiveness is struck.

The final result

Four locations, a decade and a half of experience in designing and super-efficient exporting — these are the benefits our sourcing partners enjoy. To learn how they will combine to improve your bottom line, contact us today.

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