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Figure 8.2. Advertisement for Versace jeans couture on the back of a number 24 London Transport bus, March 1999.

flourishes on the international popularity of the American way of dressing -jeans, trainers, leisure jackets, and T-shirts and for both sexes. Diffused all around the world through US music videos, movies and MTV, target consumers cover an increasingly global market of under thirty year olds.

Tommy Hilfiger's company makes a particularly interesting case study. His success up to 1999 was phenomenal, following massive growth in the 1990s. At first selling a wide range of male leisure and 'athletic' wear such as jeans and chinos, the company expanded into womenswear. Net income for 1996-97 increased 38.4 per cent to $661,688,000 over 1996 figures. The fourth quarter net revenue in 1997 alone reached $170,453,000, with

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