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Following the format of a college course, this book is divided into twenty-four units, each one looking at an aspect of the illustration of fashion design. The units are grouped into four chapters, so you progress logically from finding inspiration to using illustration techniques to planning a collection to presenting your ideas. Throughout the book, "inspiration files" provide background information on topics approached in the units. Each unit sets a project to complete, defining the objective and describing exactly how you go about achieving it. Answering the "self-critique" questions will help you assess what you have done, and you can also compare your work to the designs in the "showcase" that completes each unit and presents successful interpretations of the project.

The project in the first unit is to visit a museum, introducing the reader to methods of developing a source.

Each unit contains "the project," a brief statement of the task, "the objective," a summary of its aims, and a "self-critique" section of questions to use when assessing the results.

Pages from designers' sketchbooks show how ideas are developed.

Final illustrations by other designers suggest ways in which you could have approached the project.

Visiting a museum


Pages 14-19 in "Finding inspiration" contain an inspiration file, a unit, and a showcase, and provide a good illustration of the structure of the book.

The inspiration file gives an overview of the topic of finding inspiration.

The showcase displays successful interpretations of the brief.

Where to start

Illustrations show examples of images that could inspire fashion design; the captions suggest how.

"The process" provides a step-by-step guide to completing the project.

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