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When one uses the term "drawing," the most obvious tool that springs to mind is a pencil, with all Its various grades from hard to an almost creamy softness. However, as you have seen in Unit 10, you can "draw" even with paper torn from a magazine. When you use your imagination, there Is no limit to the materials you can employ to achieve the look you want. Slow-drying paints, such as oils, are not really suitable for use in fashion illustration, but there is a wide range of other media to choose from, including colored felt pens, water-based paints, crayons, or a mixture of several of these. In recent years, the mouse on a personal computer has to some designers become equal !H in importance to the pencil and ~ brush. Some materials may suit your way of working better than others, but until you have tried a large selection, you will never know. Experimenting with new ways of working is very stimulating and also enjoyable. It is worth repeating that it is never a crime to try and fail. It is understandable to want to have pride in your work, but you will produce only mediocre ideas if you always play it safe.

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