Planning a range

The words "range" and "collection" are often used Interchangeably in the fashion industry to denote the group of garments created each season by a designer. However, "range" also has more specifically commercial overtones. Range planning involves considering your designs in terms of a complete wardrobe of coordinating garments, incorporating a balance of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and so on, When you see garments by your favorite designer displayed in a boutique, you are experiencing range planning. The newness and trendiness of the garments are obviously important, but the boutique also needs to appeal to its customers with a variety of options of garment type that coordinate and are interchangeable.

Sometimes a client will brief a designer to create a specific range. This might be a swimwear, bridal, or eveningwear collection, for example, and the choice of items to include in the range will be very much dictated by the brief. If you have been asked to design an eveningwear range you will probably want to include a large number of dresses—as in collections of eveningwear by Versace. It is perfectly acceptable to bias your range to one garment type in this way so long as the decision is based on the client's brief.

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