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Mechanicals are guides for the engraver, and those who make them are known as mechanical men. The guides contain all of the elements very accurately placed which are to appear in an advertisement. The comprehensive layout serves as the guide in making the mechanical, and all evidences o£ rubber cement or other blemishes on the paper must be removed. Usually it is necessary to rule lines and panels and to paste in photographic prints of illustrations and lettering. These must be ordered to accurate size and pasted in position with the aid of rubber cement. When pasting in type proofs which frequently are not quite dry, it is necessary to dust the surface of the type with talcum powder to prevent smudging. The type proofs can then be pasted into place with the rubber cement.

If you take this job seriously, you will keep your rubber cement always in workable condition. You will keep your lampblack, your white and ink from drying out. Your brushes, pens and drawing instruments will always be clean and ready for use. On this job you will probably have an opportunity to make small spot drawings, and further promotions depend on how well you handle your assignments.

Your can of rubber cement and brush require constant attention to prevent drying cut.

Your can of rubber cement and brush require constant attention to prevent drying cut.

Apply the cement thinly o evenly end avoid lumps.

This is a comprehensive sketch of an advertisement from which the mechanical guide is to be made tar the engraver.

Rubber Cement Waffle Batter


9 Lay out the size accurately paper and draw the design of the advertisement First.

>n drawing Of tiii top


They just melt in your mouth . . . waffles baked in this General Electric Waffle Iron. Heat indicator tells you when to pour batter. Expanding hinge bakes each waffle evenly. Smart chrome firiUU plate finish. U U

Freehand Sketching An Introduction

Freehand Sketching An Introduction

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