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Fashion Drawing

Posing the fashion model

The primary purpose of a fashion drawing is to display and sell merchandise. Therefore, care must be taken in posing the model so that the pleasing fashion details show to best advantage. The three figures on this page were done for one assignment. Top-flight fashion artists often make several drawings showing different poses in order to give an art director an opportunity to choose the pose which he believes best displays the garment. These three illustrations show how one artist varied the poses in order to accentuate different parts of the dress. All three of them are good.

This illustration gives an air of elegance to the figure and the dress. If it were chosen, the artist could very easily provide a sofa or chair for the seated figure. The background indicated for this position would be the woman's home or some social function.

Drawing Figure With DressLearn Drawing Dress

Here is another seated pose which portrays a very pensive mood. Notice that the artist was careful in placing the hands so that they did not hide the front of the dress or the sash, which were important fashion elements of the garment.

This pose, with the model standing, is entirely different from the other two These illustrations show that any garment can be shown in a number of positions, depending upon the fashion details which you desire to emphasize.


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