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Line Draw Fashionable Accessories

Line wash drawings like this are best suited for coarse screen (newspaper) reproduction.

These drawings show how the same subject can be treated loosely Or in a highly finished styli

The white paper here adds to the effect of the metallic high light. Often, simple line drawings are also mode to show the mechanical or functional operation of an item.

This simple line drawing shows both the design am function of the merchandi

Accessories is one of the most important phases of fashion art. More accessory drawings are needed in illustrating fashions than any other kind. Due to the large demand, it is easier for you to get a job making drawings of men's and women's accessories than it is to find employment doing other forms of artwork. Accessory drawings are usually rendered in one of three ways; the loose, free style stressing design, the more finished drawing illustrating both design and detail, and the highly finished drawing combining design, detail and texture. The three bags at the top of the page illustrate the three renderings.

In drawing a fashion item with a soft texture, the I curves are important. They add soilness to the material.

Here the hand is used as a yardstick to establish the size of the bog.

All drawings in the women's fashion and accessories section are used through the courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue, New York.

Highly rendered detail drawings like this are used widely in catalogues and direct mail pieces to enable the consumer to see the design, shape and texture of the merchandise.

Highly finished detail drawings like this are used in high fashion publications.

This wet wash drawing is good for coarse screen reproduction. The tone qualities give an air of simplicity.

Free style sketching such as this is used widely for either high fashion or manufacturers' promotion pieces to show basic design of the merchandise.

Stylized detail drawings such c this one frequently appear in t fashion magazines to promote new fashion trend.

Wet wash drawings of this type are suitable for newspaper reproduction in a department store advertisement, for example.

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