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— fashion drawing

Line and wash

The line drawing which if mode first of the subject will iniura the holding of the lone edges, and the washes will produce a photographic effect.


Th* quality of your line is important. The object must have a feeling of solidity. The sweeping vignette odds action, f

Retouched photo

Be careful when retouching photographs of fumifure not to lose the qualify of the wood. Too much use of opaque will destroy the charm of the wood you want to retain. <-

The velox method makes it posiible to print a half-tone drawing by means of 0 line plate and permits the appearance of large areas of while and black in the printing plate. This is done by photographing the art work through a half-tone screen and then retouching the photograph to get silhouette or drop-out affects.

Dress Making

Dress Making

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