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The photograph shows the merchandise to be sketched. The model is a rather tall man, perhaps six feet in height, and might approximate the average well dressed type as fashion visualizes him. Yet many changes must be made in constructing a men's fashion figure from this model. These changes range all the way from elongation of the figure by one and a half to two heads to the simplification of the tonal quaiities. The photograph has many gray values which are eliminated in a fashion drawing.

1 This is the preliminary rough sketch I to determine proportions and shapes. It is at this stage that you usually make any necessary changes to establish the right pose and proportions and indicate all important folds and shadows.

This finished drawing indicates how the preceding finished pencil sketch would be rendered by you. It is best to put in various simple flat washes where needed. The next stage is to put in the wash for folds and shadows. Notice that the simple, direct, fiat washes add freshness and crispness to the garment. It is after your washes are determined that you add accent detail both in the features and the garment. This would complete the fashion drawing unless additional fashion detail is required. Such detail can be added to a drawing which is in this finished state—indications, for example, of flecks of wool or that the fabric is striped, or herringbone, or tweed.

0 After the basic sketching is com-*• pleted, you must carefully piece out and draw accurately the various outline shapes to establish the movement of the figure. You also must draw in all detail folds and shadows carefully. From this careful fashion pencil sketch, you then can determine the amount of, wash necessary to render the finished drawing.

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