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— fashion drawing

Courtesy Robert McKean

Courtesy William J. HtnnMtey

Line and Ben Day

Courtesy Robert McKean

A line and Ben Day illustration need not lose its interest because ol the appearance of the mechanical dots. The design of the vignette plus the distribution of the flat tones can overcome the mechanical hazard.

Wash Courtesy American Home Magazine

You have been instructed on how to make a wash drawing. To maintain the cleanliness of such an interior as this, be sure of the quality of your wash tones.

Most of your time should be spent in planning the composition and values used in a drawing such 0. this. If ii »01 desirable la make Ihe use of ttie lines overpowering.

The chorm in your drawing will came from the line you use, 1h« composition of Ihe elemtnft and fhe infelligenf use of your black and while areas.


Courtesy William J. HtnnMtey

Architectural subjects

The drawings on this page are in the category of architecture. Should it be necessary for you to create such drawings instead of tracing them from photographs, be sure that your perspective is true and that the details of construction are correct. People who know will discover very quickly that you are ignorant of architecture if your drawings are not true.

When creating your own drawings, be sure that your material source is accurate so that your drawings will be authentic in design. This applies to all of the drawings on this page. The techniques used have been explained before, so it is not necessary to explain them again in detail. Make your trial pencil sketches first, correcting your drawing as you procecd. Then locate your darks and lights. It usually takes more time to develop the sketch than to finish the drawing, but ii is time xvell spent. Making the finished drawing is mostly a matter of craftsmanship and your training during this course should qualify you for this. Remember that a carefully planned vignette has charm and beauty. And spot your values to create good color balance.

Ancient Suits Drawing

Courtesy American Home

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