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Fashion Drawing Children

Children's fashions

In sketching children's fashions, it is desirable to portray figures with a human interest element, just as in doing women's fashions. The sketches should be spontaneous and contain the action and movement usually associated with children in real life. Observation is extremely important in sketching children. Study children of all ages and make mental notes and sketches of their movements. You will find children assuming wonderful uninhibited poses. The movements of heads, hands and feet and their facial expressions can be presented to make them real little people with an abundance of gaiety in movement possessed only by youth.

The blocking out of figures is important in determining the composition where there are two or more children in a group. Note the free sketching to fix the positions.

Notice how the artist has captured the demure expressions of the children with a minimum of detail. The amount of detail going into the garments will depend on your client.

Action in children's fashions . . .

The above sketches show children in various poses. Quick sketches such as these, in pencil or pen, will help you capture the free and natural movements of children. You will note that nearly always there is a real rhythm in all children's movements and that this grace is usually present even while they are standing still. You should be conscious of their natural movements and expressions at all times when drawing children and even teen-agers.

Several quick, spontaneous sketches are made to determine the best pose. With practice, you will be able to pick the most effective pose from several rough sketches like these.

The finished sketch shows how one of the roughs can be executed and how details such as the shape of the head, hat and facial expression can be improved by careful observation.

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