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Bag Fashion Drawings

The basic perspective principles have been applied here in sketching the shape and farm of the handbag. The woman's hai was added to show the relative size of the bag.

The drawings on these pages show the proper approach in drawing and rendering simple accessories. In making accessory fashion drawings, apply the principles of perspective described in Lesson 8, particularly on pages 10 and J1.

When wet wash is necessary in illustrating merchandise like this, it is best to render the drawing in sections as shown here.

In this finished drawing, you can see just how the wet washes help to determine the shape and texture of the merchandise. |

It is important for you to have mastered your basi perspective drawing lesson before you attempt to illustrate merchandise like this.

After the preliminary perspective proportion drawing is mode and the details are indicated, see how very simple washes bring Out both details and form.

Take great care to abide by the principle of perspective. This merchandise shows how important proper perspective is. In determining the relationship of items, you must remember your perspective at all times. After the rough perspective sketch is right, it is then important that the main accent detail lines be put in, usually in line. Note the simplicity of both the flat and wet washes.


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