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Fashion Drawings And Fabrics

The drawings of the wool merchandise were rendered with a wet wash. Be sure to draw the important folds which usually are in fabrics with a soft texture. If your accent lines are loo straight and rigid, the garment will look like it is made of cardboard or metal.


These are simple wash drawings, but see how the folding of the ties tends to give the straight cut of the cloth a rhythmical flow which seems to add softness to the fabric.

If you want to be a men's fashion artist, your first job is likely to be drawing men's accessories both on and off the figure. Drawing accessories is valuable experience in becoming a fashion artist because you learn to render merchandise with texture and to concentrate on one part of the wardrobe at a time.

In drawing shoes it is important to observe them try to construct their shape. Be sure that the proportions of the heel, the height of the shoe and the vamp are such that, after the shoe is sketched, it will appear that a human toot could wear it comfortably. Men's shoes usually arc rendered with much emphasis on lights and high lights because most of them are made of highly polished leather.

This drawing shows a well groomed man with human interest added. The diawing is rendered with simplicity and there is emphasis on the high light source and the light and shadow areas, each being very simple. Notice how the texture of the stripes is put in with lighter stripes in the light areas and the darkest stripes on the darkest areas. It is not necessary to show stripes on the entire garment even though all the material is striped. You must determine where stripes are necessary and where they can be omitted.

These drawings represent the highly finished kind often used in mail order catalogues and by chain stores for newspaper reproduction. Observe that these drawings, like most of the others, place much emphasis on the light shades.

Fashion Accessories Drawing
Reproduced octuol size

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