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Figure Drawing For Fashion Design

The preliminary sketches help to determine the best position for the model in order to display the fashion details to best advantage. Note that the finished figure at the right is trimmer and more elongated than the figures in the preliminaries.

Notice the continuous, spontaneous lines of these sketches which help to determine how the styling ' of a garment will be presented. In the finished figure, note how tj the fashion details, especially J; around the neckline, are accented and exaggerated.

The back of the garment at the right contains the fashion elements to be emphasized. When drawing a seated figure, remember to show or indicate the correct length of the skirt. Often when a figure is seated, the skirt length appears too long and it is difficult to determine whether the dress is for day, cocktail or evening wear. This one is definitely a daytime length.

The left figure is a quick sketch done in charcoal to try to determine the best position for the model in order to show the fashion detail. The other figure is another quick sketch made for the same purpose.


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