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The finished sketch

This is the illustration chosen, showing two women at a concert with an escort. Notice that the fashion detail of the neckline of the dress at the left is shown to good advantage as is also the detail of the back of the dress on the right.

Fashion Drawing Lesson

Right and wrong

Fashion Woman Whispering Sketches

Right and wrong

Having completed the dress, the fashion artist must compose a setting or scene to display it In the best manner. These illustrations show how the artist did this.

Next the artist drew two women with their escorts at an outdoor concert. But fashion details are not disployed to advantage, especially the excellent neckline of one dress and the back of the other.

I First, the artist ' attempted to inject human interest by creating a scene showing two women whispering. The idea was rejected because too much attention is drawn to the hands and this "busy" spot causes the fashion styling of the garments to be lost.

Dress Draw

Here an attempt has been made to create the same situation as at the start, but the position of the hands has been altered so that the important fashion details of the garment are not hidden. The man has been included to add almosphei


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