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Anatomy Children Drawing

Tots and toddlers

In drawing tots and very small children, always try to capture their moods. They should always appear as little human beings whether they are sad, glad, pensive or just coquettish. Perhaps it is a tot licking his fingers after being in the jelly far. Whatever the subject, your drawings should picture little people in a gay world. This may seem difficult at first, but with close observation and much sketching, you will soon capture the spirit. In rendering facial expressions, it is wise to keep most of the expression in line with the use of a simple flat wash if necessary. Do not do too much modeling of facial expressions or your drawings will look like poor photographs.

Although very sketchy, this -drawing shows how you con create a very cute child just by facial expression. Look at the careful detail on the front of the dress.

Brother ond sister outfits are shown here by pi the figures in the natural positions the youngster might, ond frequently do, assume.

The figures at the left are displaying brother and sister sweaters. Note the simplicity in treating heads and expressions, with the emphasis on the rendering of the garments.

There is a natural air about this brother and sister drawing. Wash technique is used here to show fabric detail and it is for this reason that wash is used on the figures.

These two drawings depict movement, yet all the fashion details are shown clearly. Notice the simplicity of detail and the folds. Both folds and shadow are handled with simple flat washes.

Atmosphere and backgrounds should be kept very simple. Otherwise they will detract from the effectiveness or importance of the figures and the garments worn.


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