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Line and wash

The practical reason tor the use of line and wash drawings is that they reproduce better in newspapers than photographs do. It is important to make an accurate pencil drawing on tissue and to fill in the values with a pencil as a guide for the use of your wash tones, which should be done with a camel's hair brush and lampblack.

Simple reproduction techniques

When you are called upon to make a black and while drawing, you should ask whether ii is lo appear in a newspaper or a magazine and what technique is desired. We have described and illustrated several techniques on preceding pages and you should be familiar with each of them. The drawings worked in dry brush and on Ross board have a soft, sympathetic style and reproduce well on any paper stock. Line drawings and line and Ben Day drawings are strong and brilliant, though more severe, but they are most satisfactory when details are very important.

With a wash drawing, you have a means of creating a photographic effect plus an assurance of better reproduction than can be obtained from a photograph. The line and wash drawing, however, also produces the realism of a photograph plus the expectation of greater definition when reproduced on newspaper stock. In using any of the techniques, you must know how to prepare your drawing and you must learn to do this without sacrificing your style. It is important for you to know whether your drawing will be printed on coated magazine paper or newspaper stock because coated stock has a hard finish surface and the printed impression will be sharper. Closely drawn lines will not have a tendency to run together and the whites between the lines will thus be maintained. Newspaper stock, 011 the other hand, has a soft, pulpy surface, so there is a tendency for closely drawn lines to spread when printed, destroying the whites separating the lines and causing a smudge. When making line drawings for newspaper reproduction, therefore, it is necessary to draw more open lines with more white between them.

Dry Brush

The effect illustrated here is accomplished by using a paper with a "tooth-finish." In the trade, it is variously known as antique or rough finish. Such a drawing is made by dipping a brush into black, India ink, then pressing it against the neck of the bottle to drain off most of the ink. The brush then is dragged across the surface of a piece of scratch paper to remove Still more of the surplus ink. It is then ready lo be used to make your illustration. The effect produced is that of a soft line plate. It is a tricky technique used mostly for story illustrations and comparatively few artists are successful with it.

Courtesy Popular Publications

Line and solid black

This drawing technique is considered the "safest" for reproduction. All lines or larger areas are drawn in solid black. The effect is simple, strong and brilliant. Make a careful pencil drawing first. You may use a pen or a brush or a combination of the two, but remember to draw solid black lines. A line plate is used for reproduction.

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