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Drawing With Washes

This tortoise shell compact was done with wel wash, dark« pigment being odded and allowed to run when the bose wash was applied. Grain lines car be applied when the wash is wel or dry, depending on how strong lhay are lo appear.

This shoe is made of cotton patch work. Note how severol kinds of fabrics are indicated.

Furs are best done with wet wash and hairs can be put in by spreading the hoirj, of □ brush ond using the dry brush method. Use blotting paper to absorb most of the liquid in the brush and to spread the hairs of the brush ot A the same time. Jmk

The texture of most fur fashion drawings is mode with a wet wash. You must use care in picking out and presenting the various high lights. Stronger color added lo the wet wash while it is still wet will often create the luster which fur possesses.

The sequin bag was done with both line and wash to bring out the details of the sequins. Then more washes were added to bring out the darker tones of the sides and handle of the bag.

A fine line is best for lace detail. If the lace is colored, a simple, flat, light wash con be added over the pen drawing or any part of it.

This mink coal was drawn with a simple base wel wash, core being taken lo pick out the high lights. The skin, or pell effect con be done when the wash is wet or dry. Often both methods are used in the same drawing.

Simple wet washes were used after the base washes lo achieve the accents and strong detail In this leopard fur texture.

Texture rendering

It is very important to indicate the texture of the fabric in the finishing stages of a fashion drawing. Keep your tone washes very simple and flat. Fabrics with a high sheen luster are usually made with a wet wash, stronger color being added to the wash while it is still damp or wet. Flat, dull fabrics usually are shown with a simple, flat wash and other tones are added after the bose wash has dried.

You can make many textures by utilizing high lights and also the white of the paper. Both the straw hat and the opera hat are done in this manner.

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