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What inspires you?

Many things can serve as sources of inspiration, according to the moment and the work to be carried out, although I believe that inspiration does not always appear naturally when I seek or need it. It is something that comes to my mind for any reason and at any time. Ideas can arise from a movie, a newspaper or from chatting with friends. Also, certain things can serve to make me begin a work: places or environments such as the sea, the clear horizon, the green of mountains, some music, the smile of my baby, are all inspirational starting points.

Are you interested in Fashion?

Yes, it attracts me as an artistic area where several disciplines are mixed. I especially like the textures of the human body; the idea of dressing silhouettes in my illustrations entertains me.

Describe your work.

I work by assignment, creating illustrations for magazines, newspapers, book covers, etc. I have also carried out a project for a restaurant. The work was created with vectors so that printed giants covered the walls of the restaurant. I also designed the menu, cards, etc. Generally, when I receive an assignment, the first step is compiling information on the theme. I investigate through the Internet, books and magazines. I write down my ideas, mixing information with fast sketches, which sometimes only I can understand. But sometimes I work directly on what will be the final work without a prior sketch, depending a little on the importance of each work and the time that I have to create it.

Which media and techniques do you use? I utilize different techniques, doing as much manually as by computer, and I like to combine them for the final result. I am very interested in mixed media, especially collage in two and three dimensions (assemblage) where I combine objects and different materials. I also carry out a similar process with my computer, combining photographs or scanned objects with drawings carried out by hand or with vectors.

What, for you, makes a successful fashion illustration?

The use of original and attractive techniques, for representing the fashion world in many different and interesting plastic and graphic ways, where at times the role of the illustrator is mixed with the role of fashion designer.

What artistic training have you undertaken?

Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I also studied traditional animation at the School of Cinema of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I have carried out some seminars and short courses: drawing, cartapesta (papier maché), etc. But I think that my vocation and special interest in collage and mixed media comes from practice and free experimentation.

I f you could give one piece of advice to a student, what would it be?

You should be curious; you should experiment and investigate; you should be involved in what happens around you. Enjoy the boundaries of each project, considering it to be an attractive challenge, a play in which you will find the most appropriate way to transmit something with your personal seal.

Describe yourself and your greatest achievement.

Curious, obsessive, sleepless, worker, I think that my greatest achievement is to work doing what I enjoy, and recently my best work has been my little son!

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