What inspires you?

Junk Inspires me. I have suitcases full of stuff other people throw away. Old milk cartons, sanitary towel bags, Indian sweet wrappers, torn pieces of wallpaper. One day all these things will make their way into my drawings. Also, I'm crazy about patterns, the more baroque and swirly, the better; and shoes. I love drawing them.

Are you interested in fashion?

I am interested in personal style rather than fashion. I don't read any current fashion magazines but prefer to look at old ones. Somehow I find them more interesting. Maybe I'll look at contemporary fashions in ten years' time. I'll be ready for them then! I also find what my friends wear very inspiring.

Describe your work.

My work is very detailed and decorative. I often use type, often as a decorative tool, but occasionally to express ideas. 120 My work is primarily about the quality of line, although I have started to use found ^ objects and create more layered work

S these days.

o Which media and techniques do you use?

I'm addicted to Rotring pens. Even if

illustrations end up being collaged with % found objects and composed in Photoshop,

5 I always start by drawing.

o u g What, for you, makes a successful

^ fashion illustration?

s Something that makes me think, "Wow, o trt wish I'd done that!"

What artistic training have you undertaken?

BA Hons in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins, London. MA in Communication, Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, London.

If you could give one piece of advice to a student, what would it be?

Appreciate the library: a whole world, past and present, is waiting to inspire you there.

Describe yourself and your greatest achievement? Small and brown, slightly hunchbacked! Generally of a happy disposition apart from winter when I go a bit weird. My greatest achievement is learning how to ride a bike at age 28—and that's a pushbike I'm talking about, not a motorbike. It was hard, especially as I'd torn a ligament trying to learn the first time and had a fear of cycling. I remember the first time I cycled to work and feeling so exhilarated.


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