Collecting Inspirational Items

Artists are invariably avid collectors of what to the uninitiated eye looks like junk. Accumulating anything and everything of interest is a fascinating way to build an ideas-bank for future design or artwork. Keep everything that captures your imagination, as you never know when it might be useful in the future, Arguments about the amount of clutter you possess might occur with those who share your home, but stand your ground! This clutter could one day make you a famous artist— think Tracy Emin's "Bed". Art materials, unusual papers, wrapping, packaging and scraps of fabric are worth storing as you may well be able to utilize them in your

Here the illustrator has been inspired by a patterned wallpaper, drawing a fashion figure directly onto it. To complement the wallpaper background, this student artist has used a subtle colour palette. An ingenious touch is to allow the pattern of the wallpaper to become the fabric of the garment. No artist can produce creative ideas without a knowledge base of ideas gained from magazines, books, advertisements, and a wide variety of other sources. Keep up to date with the latest trends and open your mind to new sources of inspiration.

Beach huts seen on an Australian beach have added interesting accents of colour to the dramatic shoreline. This scene could be used in a fashion illustration, or it could be that the colours inspire future artwork.
Fashion Design Structured Inspiration
A building's Interior structure can be as much a source of inspiration as that of the exterior. Interesting lines for fashion design or illustration can be seen in the timber structure of this wooden roof,
Interesting Photo Fashion Background
A trained eye can spot artistic potential in almost anything. Look closely at the colours shapes and details of these rows of brightly coloured bangles, and see how they inspire the background for this fashion illustration. The striped clothing also reflects the brightly coloured rows.

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