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In today's technical society, you should always save your work digitally, too. Scan the contents of your portfolio at high resolution and save it onto a disk. This version of your portfolio can be sent to potential employers. You can also email work-sample files instantly if requested, making your work even more accessible. Creating a convenient digital portfolio can save you from carrying the real thing to interviews. However, always check what clients prefer, as some would rather look through the original portfolio than digital copies.

There are many ways of presenting fashion artwork. The images in this section are all portfolio pieces produced by students on various fashion courses ranging from diploma to degree level. In your portfolio, aim for continuity, diversity, stunning imagery and a professional approach to organization and presentation. Then be proud of what your portfolio holds and your confidence will communicate itself.

Digital Fashion Portfolio

Below left

In contrast to the previous image, a full figure Is required to promote the outfit in this digitally enhanced illustration. Again, the artist ensures that the fashion item is the main subject of interest; this time by not over-complicating the Image with a fussy background.

Below right

The energy of this figure is emphasized by allowing her to explode across the edges of the page. This effect can also be created by carefully cropping your artwork using a guillotine. The original drawing has been adapted on the computer.


When preparing your portfolio pages, don't cram in so much that they become cluttered. The "less-ls-more" theory has been successfully applied to this illustration by a student who enhances her drawings on the computer using Photoshop. The sense of serenity conveyed by her uncluttered approach is emphasized by a soothing colour palette and minimalist style of illustration.

Digital Fashion Portfolio


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Pencil Drawing Beginners Guide

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