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As a fashion-design student, you are expected, on completion of a project brief, to present not only a fashion illustration but all the design work leading up to it, in a portfolio. If you have planned carefully, then the same colour palette, characters, media and so on will have been used to work through the project, building a cohesive theme for the final artwork.

The four images (facing page) show a selection of pieccs from a design student's project brief. Immediately, it is possible to establish some common features that link the work together. The mood board displays some defining images that have influenced the collection designs. The same character runs throughout all four pieces. A similar colour palette links the artwork, and the computer has been used throughout. The promotional fashion illustration does not require front and back views of the garments, as the designer has produced accurate specifications of each outfit in the collection. Creating an atmosphere and describing the personality of the customer who will wear the clothes is what this illustration is primarily about. The overall presentation is crisp, original and, most importantly, professional.

When you work in the industry as a designer, you will have to make presentations to buyers from all types of companies. It doesn't take long to realize that, if you have one specific style of presenting your fashion designs and always stick to it, you will soon be out of a job! Be adaptable in your approach to your work. For example, the fun figures below are highly appropriate for a street-, surf- or skatewear company but not for a tailoring firm. Your design presentation should always be driven by a client's market.

Design Presentation FashionFashion Illustration PresentationFashion Illustration PresentationFashion Illustration PresentationPresentation Fashion Illustration


An illustration aimed at selling an outfit should give the buyer comprehensive information in a clear layout—this one answers its purpose perfectly,

The layout of the design hoard (above left) is easy for a buyer to understand. It shows the outfit clearly on a figure, but also the front and back details on small flats. The fabrics for the garments have been scanned on computer and could be presented lo the buyer on separate fabric cards. An oval background frames the designs, allowing the viewer to focus on each outfit.

This final design (above right) is enlivened by the humorous approach of using old receipts and bills from the automotive world instead of a blank page for the background. The stance of the figure conjures a relaxed mood for the collection. Detailed specs describe the front views of the garments. Don't forget to include back views too, because a buyer requires every garment construction detail. Always provide the viewer with as much information about your designs as possible. The presentation of your fashion designs could mean the difference between securing a job or not. It is vital that you adopt a professional approach to your work at all times.


An illustration aimed at selling an outfit should give the buyer comprehensive information in a clear layout—this one answers its purpose perfectly,


Be imaginative in your presentation, and remember that there are many alternatives to the blank white page. This final design is presented on top of a collection of old receipts and bills.

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