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What inspires you? I can be inspired by many things-observing people and places around me, or discussing things with my friends and family can be really stimulating. I look at art, graphic design, fashion and illustration, but also children's books and interior design. Sometimes, even a small detail can be the starting point for a piece of work; and trying a new technique, or some new paper, can give me the idea for a project. A frequent source of inspiration for me is nature, and especially the animal world. I am fascinated by the endless variety of their colours, skin and eyes. I am interested in detail. I also like to go through objects, books and photographs from my past, things that I loved as a child and I still hang onto. I like to incorporate personal reference in my illustrations and I believe this helps me relate to the work, even if I am the only one to understand it.

Are you Interested in Fashion? I studied fashion design and I collaborate professionally with various clothing labels as a print designer. It's interesting how people relate to fashion, how everyone has a personal sense of style, a preference for certain colours, even if only in the minute details. I think that getting dressed is a form of art.

Describe your work.

My illustration work is heavily based on drawing. I also use the computer, but I like my Images to have a handmade, sometimes sketchy quality to them. My drawings are often very intricate and detailed, and I tend to work adding and moving elements like In a collage. I think my illustration work has a fantastic side to it—I've always been fascinated by images with an unreal feel to them.

Which media and techniques do you use? I always sketch first in pencil. As separate drawings, all the elements I intend to use in my illustration follow a general idea. Then I collage it together either as an actual cut-and-paste object, or I compose the image on the computer and redraw It as a whole. I use various techniques, sometimes in combination—mainly black pencil and coloured pencils. At the moment I particularly like soft, coloured pencils on coloured paper. I also use black ink, adding colour on the computer.

What, for you, makes a successful fashion illustration? I think that a successful fashion illustration, or any illustration for that matter, is made by a combination of different elements. I think that respecting the brief and representing the garment are important, but the illustration should also possess an extra quality, an idea of style that is unique to the illustrator.

What artistic training have you undertaken?

Fashion Design at Istituto Europeo del Design in Rome, Italy. After that I moved to London, where I took a BA Hons in Graphic Design at Camberwell College.

If you could give one piece of advice to a student, what would it be?

I think I would advise students to spend some time thinking about what made them want to study art and design— remember books, artists, and places that shaped their taste and inspired them— then centre their work around what they really like and feel more passionately about, without worrying too much about what everyone else is doing. Also, I think that it is important to follow ideas through, remembering that what one has in mind and the finished product are often two completely different things, and sometimes unexpected results can be very exciting.

Describe yourself and your greatest achievement. A fairly quiet Italian, living in London, who can't think of her greatest achievement. I hope it is yet to come.

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