Summerisation Of Fashion Illustration

Becoming a Professional Fashion Designer

Become a Professional Fashion Designer

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Fashion Illustrator is intended as a rewarding reference book of practical advice and inspirational ideas to form a basis from which individual creativity can develop, and not as a bible to be followed word for word. As Coco Chanel is reputed to have said, "To be irreplaceable in life, one must be different"—excellent advice for your sketchbooks and portfolio, and for life in general! The following pages offer useful information to help you on your journey. You will find recommended further reading, addresses and websites of institutions and other worthwhile contacts, and a glossary of important words.

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Dress Making

Dress Making

Rock your personality in a dress you made yourself that reflects who you are, not what a department store thinks you want. Discover The Beginners Guide to Making Your Own Dress. You do not have to wear off the rack dresses any longer. You can make your own fashion statement on the world.

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