In museums, too, a wealth of inspiring artefacts and memorabilia awaits your artistic interpretation. Nostalgia for the past will always captivate us. In fashion, for example, today's garments date quickly yet bygone eras are always a source of inspiration. Every decade sees a revival of the style of a past decade. It seems that it is second nature for us to draw from the past to illustrate the future.

As an artist, designer or illustrator you are always open to visual stimulation in your normal day-to-day life. Even a trip to the supermarket can awaken new ideas as you look at the variety of vibrant packaging on the shelves. Your journey home might take you past architecture, landscape or gardens whose intriguing shapes and textures trigger your imagination. Your thoughts might be awakened by listening to compelling music, an image in a magazine might inspire a new idea, an absorbing television documentary might activate your creative energy or a favourite poem conjure up engaging imagery. This type of inspiration is all around you waiting to be discovered.

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